Men Too Can Accessorize

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Special occasions call for more special kind of clothing. It would be inappropriate to show up in a formal gathering putting on the casual or wrinkled attire. Like in weddings or any other forms of gathering, you must wear something formal that will suit the occasion.

These days, wearing the ordinary tuxedos and suits are already very common. But some men are now using accessories such as the classic cuff links to come up with variety and style. Aside from the traditional cuff links, there are other clothing accessories that men can use in order to look more noticeable and masculine. Here are some of the few accessories that men can use for a more dapper and stylish look:

The Suit Vests: Suits can be pretty much lifeless, especially when all you have is the shirt and the coat. Men sometimes use a neck tie for a good measure. But the outcome of a man’s appearance will always be the same: ordinary. To add more spice, men can use a suit vest. Suit vests come in different styles and color, which is a good thing. Men can mix and match them with other formal wear clothing like the shirt and a tie.

The Neck Tie: For a more formal and professional look, neck ties are donned. Neck ties are already available in different colors and style these days. You can opt for a plain colored on, or take the one that has prints and designs. Even with a plain suit, the stylish neck tie can add more life to the whole ensemble.

The Cufflinks: Cufflinks are used to attach both sides of the cuffs of their shirt. Cufflinks need not to be plain, as what other people suggest. These accessories come in different kinds like the stainless steel, titanium, silver, gold and diamond. Men can choose from many designs: there are colored cufflinks, star-shaped and textured cufflinks. Cufflinks can also be custom made; some even have their initials as the design. Some men can even come up with really unique cufflinks.

The Shoes: Some people assume that the design of the shoes is rarely noticed. But to prevent any bad critique, men’s shoes should also be appropriate and stylish. Men can go for a classic look which is the well-polished leather shoes, which is generally plain black or brown, or wingtips for a trendy look. Men can also use white shoes, with or without laces, depending on the color of their suit.

These accessories can give men a more stylish and sophisticated look. If they are wearing a plain black tuxedo for formal wear, a dash of color and style is all they need. A maroon colored tie and a diamond set of cufflinks can add life as well as the sophistication. There is nothing wrong with men using accessories in their suits and tuxedos. As long as they know how to mix and match, and they know that they look good, then they can accessorize.

write by Orson

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