Mens Golf Shoes – 2 Critical Qualities Good Ones Most Have

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There are two critical qualities a good golf shoe should have, be it mens golf shoes or any other type of golf shoe for that matter. Golf is one of those sports where the quality of sports gear that you put on has a significant effect on your overall game performance and as such the quality of your overall golf game play is affected by the quality of the golf clubs that you use, how comfortable you are in the clothes you are putting on and of course the traction and comfort the footwear you are putting on gives you. In this write up, we shall concentrate on the two major qualities that a golf shoe should have in order to effectively boost your performance during your game of golf.

Critical Quality 1: Type Of Out-sole

The best kind of out-soles for golf footwear is the one that comes with spikes or studs. The presence of spikes will further enhance your traction and enable you to exert the maximum energy from your swing to the golf ball. After carefully measuring your swing, you would not want a foot slip to alter that measurement thus making you to mis-hit what would otherwise have been a perfect shot. Until recently, most golf course owners restricted the use of spiked shoes on their golf courses because most of the spikes were made of metals but recently, golf footwear makers have come up with soft rubber spiked shoes which provide the same amount of traction with the metal spiked ones and are also very friendly with the golf courses, they do not till the greens the way their metal counterparts do.

Critical Quality 2: Waterproof

The second critical quality for good mens golf shoes or any other type of golf footwear for that matter is its ability to be waterproof. A good one should have at least one year waterproof warranty from its manufacturers. It is very important that it has this quality before you purchase it, I am sure that the least thing you want to worry about while playing your game of golf is how to go about keeping your feet dry in a wet course.

There are of course many other qualities of a good shoe for the golf game which I can not mention here now, however, the above discussed qualities are the most critical ones that you should consider if you want to determine how good a shoe for the game of golf is.

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