Men's Shirts - Protecting the Fabric

Men's Shirts - Protecting the Fabric

After having chosen the right kind of men’s shirts, it is important to care for them. Usually the viking viking polo shirts label mentions ‘care tips’ according to the fiber, finishing and fabric.

Now you can either wash your shirts at home, or take them to a professional laundry for cleaning. If you choose the former, remember to read the instructions on the label carefully to increase the life of your shirts. Please remember that if you choose a laundry over cleaning at home, you need to ensure that you are getting the shirts laundered and ironed and not dry-cleaned.

Pure cotton and cotton blends or polyester shirts that are wrinkle-free or wrinkle resistant are available in the market. These shirts do not require ironing and can be hung-dried. Therefore, they are a very convenient and cost-effective option.

Extending The Life Of Men’s Shirts

Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your shirts –

Protect your shirts from perspiration, deodorants or antiperspirants, as they may leave stains in the affected areas and also make them weak and quicken the wearing off process. Wash shirts soon after wearing them to avoid staining.

Rinse your white shirts thoroughly as they may turn pale after frequent use. This happens if the detergent remains in the fabric; it causes the cloth to fade after ironing.

Another word of caution while washing white shirts is to protect them from chlorine bleach or whiteners as some fabrics do not take the chemical well and can turn yellow. This process is usually irreversible, so be careful while using any chemicals on your shirts.

Sometimes, on frequent wearing, fiber ends (also known as “pills”) surface on collars and cuffs of shirts. Nowadays, quite a number of detergents are available to avoid pilling. They give extra life to shirts along with making them look ‘in good condition’ for a longer period with constant use.

Hang your shirts on wooden hangers to retain their shape. Wire hangers cause the shirts to lose their shape over time making them ill-fitting.

Scuffs arise on cuffs with constant use; this can be delayed by wearing your wrist-watch a little away from the cuff. Also, you can use detergents that contain cuff and collar conditioners.

Using color-fasteners while washing men’s shirts, can avoid discoloration.

Staining could be a major concern while caring for shirts. Treat shirts with stain removers before washing them. Generally, they remove marks effectively. However, if the mark remains, do not iron the viking viking polo shirts , as ironing makes stains permanent. Wash the viking viking polo shirts a second time to try to remove them.

Check the buttons every time before washing your shirts to see if they are loose. Sew the loose buttons to avoid breaking or losing them. Check the color of the thread and the stitching pattern of other buttons before sewing a loose one as the thread-color and the stitch should match the others.

All the information given above is good to know. However, while shopping for men’s shirts, be sure to select a good quality fabric that lasts long. And enjoy wearing your shirts for a long time!

write by Raphael Walton