Men’s Style: Spring 2012 Must Haves

Men's Style: Spring 2012 Must Haves

Men's Style: Spring 2012 Must Havesblack t shirt

Gentlemen, however attached you may be to your winter coat and fashionable leather boots, it’s now well and truly time to lock them away until the end of the year. Brush away the cobwebs leading you to your spring wardrobe and discover what you stowed away last year. Any forgotten treasures or just a pile of moth-eaten oldies with a few bits you could still get away with wearing?

Thankfully, the arrival of spring signals change in shop offerings. Fabrics are getting much lighter, and patterns are on the rise. It’s a great time to go and invest in a few pieces to take you through the spring and summer season to replace old garments or simply brighten up your existing wardrobe. Let’s take a look at what pieces should make an appearance in every man’s wardrobe this season.


A practical, fashion-forward new piece for casual occasions is the blouson jacket inspired by vintage fashion of the 80s and 90s. It comes in an interesting, sporty shape with a tight waist but loose fit above, hanging out over the waistband. Historically, the garment has been used in military and police uniforms so its comfort is undeniable. Pieces come in a range of fabrics from nylon to leather so you can choose which suits your lifestyle best. The leather jackets are perfectly suited to a business wardrobe.

Look out for different embellishments, button and zip detailing for an even edgier look.


When it comes to shirts, the classic long-sleeved white houston astros polo with buttons is a season must-have. Avoid wearing it with suit trousers, instead opting to pair it with jeans or even shorts. Tuck it in or leave it hanging, whatever best suits your shape and size. A new trend that might see quite the following is to have one side tucked in and the other left hanging.

For a more comfortable and stain-proof option, invest in a few coloured T-shirts in cotton or other natural materials. If you’re brave enough, key colours this season are vibrant blue and orange. Prints are also big, even Hawaiian ones…

Trousers and Shorts

Happy days as guys are given official fashion-police permission to wear really comfy, oversized trousers. The comfortable fit is great for hot days as it provides a lot of movement and lets your skin breathe. Oversized shorts have been spotted in bold prints suitable for sunny days and holidays.

Trousers that never seem to go out of trend are mens skinny jeans. These can be worn both for leisure and business, provided they come in a dark tone and aren’t adorned with loud logos or torn.

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write by Cruz Ortega

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