Men’s Suits Can Provide the Power of the First Impression

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You’ve seen it before; the cool, confident man who seems to command attention from the moment he walks in the room. If first impressions could be rated on a scale of 1-10, he gets an 11. This man isn’t always the best looking, nor does he fit into a certain age range or place on the corporate ladder, but when you meet him for the first time, there’s just something different about him. So, what is it that sets him apart? Nine times out of ten, the confidence you see starts from the moment he opens his closet and chooses his attire for the day.

Boost Your Confidence with Men’s Suits

It’s a proven fact that clothes make the man. You can argue this fact a hundred different ways, but one thing is true. If a man doesn’t think that he looks his best, it will come through in his confidence level. Men are big on comparing themselves to others. They compare their cars, their job titles, income levels, and even their girlfriends. It’s just the way they are wired. When a man is dressed to perfection it does two things psychologically. First, it provides him with a super charged sense of confidence and winning first impression, but there’s more than just that. A man who takes pride in his clothing and himself also causes others around him to compare themselves to him. This, believe it or not, provides the stylish and sophisticated man with the upper hand in many situations. Bottom line? If you look good, you feel good. That’s the way to make a powerful first impression. So, how do you get there? It all starts with men’s suits.

Excellence, professionalism, and class: when you think of these words, what kind of man do you picture? More importantly, what is the man wearing that you are picturing? If he is a successful business executive, you’re picturing him in a fashionable men’s suit. So, how do you become that man?

Choosing the Right Men’s Suits

In a situation that commands a powerful first impression, you may think the power black suit with the red tie is your only option. Not true. That first impression can be made wearing grey, charcoal, navy, or black pinstripes. The key to men’s suits is not so much in the color, but these other key features:

  • Fit– A well put-together men’s suit relies heavily on the cut. If you look like you’re wearing someone else’s suit, you’ve lost that power you were looking for. Perfect tailoring is vital. Men’s suits are made up of the jacket, the trousers, and possibly a waistcoat. Your jacket should fit correctly on the shoulders. The length of the sleeve should be slightly past the wrist bone, but no farther. We’ve all seen men with sleeves that were too long or too short. It quickly reduces the effect of the perfectly tailored look. Another key is trouser length. Your trousers should be hemmed properly. Don’t try to buy off the rack and wear them as-is. Your trousers should crease slightly as they hit the front of your shoe. When your jacket and trousers fit correctly, you are well on your way to a winning first impression.
  • Perfectly Pressed– If you find yourself thinking, “Do I look wrinkled?” then you probably do. Wrinkled men’s suits do not send the message of power and confidence. In fact, they show a lack of organization and proper planning ability. If you can’t even get your suit to the dry cleaners for pressing before your big meeting, how are you going to handle your client, your promotion, or your new job?
  • Accessories– Men’s suits are only as powerful as the accessories. Must have staples for any fashion conscious man include button cuff formal shirts, silk ties, dress socks, and matching leather shoes and belt. Finishing touches are key to a winning first impression.

Well put together men’s suits are key when creating that powerful first impression. Whether it is a client, a co-worker, or a future employer, with these tips you can be that man we described at the beginning of this article.

write by Lagan

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