Michael Jackson Collectibles

Michael Jackson Collectibles

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There is a massive inventory of Michael Jackson collectibles being offered for sale right now and there has never been a better time to find a piece of Jackson memorabilia that works for you or your collection. Since the death of “The King of Pop”, people all over the world have been cleaning out their garages, attics and basements in search of their forgotten gems of years ago in hopes of making a few dollars. This is great news if you are looking for these Michael Jackson collectibles!

Never before has there been so much Jackson Five and MJ vintage memorabilia on the market! If ever you were in need of a missing piece for your collection, now is the time to find it while the selling frenzy is still going strong. Whether you are a hard core collector in search of a rare vintage piece or an avid fan who just wants a sentimental keepsake, the pickings are very good at this time. Here’s a few of the top selling items:

  • Dolls and Figures There were lots of Michael Jackson dolls, action figures, figurines and statues produced in the 80’s and many are quite nice! Some of them are very rare while most are just very collectible. They are vintage, no longer produced and make a great piece of memorabilia so people are buying them up!
  • Thriller Vinyl Album Besides being the best selling album of all time, this is particularly interesting from a collectible standpoint because it was produced during the dying days of the LP. CD’s were in their infancy but coming on strong. Almost everybody who owned the Thriller album during it’s initial release owned in on vinyl. So any Thriller album from 82-84 in decent shape is a nice collectible. There were more than “a lot” of them made but still, because of the time period, the transition from Vinyl to CD, they are practically a “must have” for any Michael Jackson collector.
  • T-Shirts Everything collectible has a t- new york yankees t shirt attached to it’s marketing somewhere and of course Michael Jackson is no different. But this category is split. There is a massive amount of avid fans buying tribute or memorial shirts, which to most is not likely to become a rare or valuable collectible. Still nice though for any collection and it helps one get through the shock of MJ’s sudden death. The other part of this category is the vintage or concert tour shirts. Like the dolls, there are quite a few of these out there right now and they are nice! Michael had a lot of designs printed out for different cities around the world. Many of the shirts are not tee shirts but jerseys, or long sleeved shirts with beautiful designs and quality fabric. They can be a little pricey but the good is that you can pretty much find what you need at this time, and that’s priceless in a collectible!
  • Magazines Michael Jackson cover story’s and special editions from many years ago of top magazines like Life, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, People, Ebony and others are being made available like never before and people are buying them up like crazy! There were a lot of these magazines printed out and while most are not worth a lot in the money sense, sentimentally they are a great collectible! Magazines often have great pictures and the old ads really put you in the time period the interview took place. There’s often dates on the pages and just being able to hold it and read it is a very nice way to remember Michael Jackson. They are generally not very expensive although there are some vintage ones out there too like never before for the hard core collector.

Those are the most popular MJ collectibles being bought and sold, for now anyways. That is likely to change with time. It’s also just a fraction of what’s out there, but by and far this is the old Michael Jackson merchandise people are seeking out for their collections or just to have. It’s difficult to accept a loss that big and old memorabilia seems to help make sense of it all in some way. It gives us a chance to reflect on the happy times whenever we want to.

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