Modern Doll Collection – A Look At Marina Bychkova’s Enchanted Dolls

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Enchanted Dolls was a brand name chosen by Marina Bychkova for her unique doll creation. The name was taken from the title of a fictional short story by Paul Gallico. The artist said that the story revolves on a woman who creates fascinating dolls which can enchant people due to its compelling life-like qualities. This description is also what you can see from Marina’s doll creations. In fact, the value of these dolls is so expensive that one ball-jointed porcelain piece can cost £ 15,000. Definitely this is not one doll that you would like to let your 5-year old play with.

She started making dolls when she was six years old after getting bored with the dullness of factory-produced dolls that looks the same. Marina looked for articulation in the doll’s movement plus the aesthetic value in a piece. By fifth grade, she began selling extraordinary paper versions to her classmates but not until the age of 24 when she finally decided to focus in creating her own style in doll-making. This is the start of her creation of ball-jointed dolls that are adorned with exquisite costumes or even nude porcelain dolls sporting intricate carved tattoo art.

Bychkova’s doll pieces are always ball-jointed as she aims for realism and life-like qualities in her dolls. Her creation is not only sold to doll collector but to art enthusiasts as well. The details spent on her dolls will make feel that you are looking at a real person. And if the detail on the doll is not enough, more time is also spent on the dolls’ accessories and garments. Her costumed dolls wear intricately beaded garments and shoes with elaborate details and carvings.

The metal shoes are particularly in demand in which there are four available designs offered namely Persian slippers, Marie-Antoinette, Extravagance, and Hopscotch. These shoes are cast in either sterling silver or bronze and they can be adorned with colorful straps and soles. A pair of shoes alone can cost you $200 to $500. The dolls can also come with their own crowns and headdresses which are another elaborate accessory that makes her dolls look grand.

Nonetheless, her artwork has been published in many known magazines from fashion to tattoo art magazines around the world. For those who also just want to give her kids a version of enchanted dolls sans the high price, Enchanted models have paper doll versions which are either unlaminated or laminated. The paper pieces with 3D photographic quality are cut out and then connected with brads. This is a perfect option for kids to play.

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