Mojito embroidery hoop – Free sewing patterns


Plain cotton fabricEmbroidery hoop, 6”Embroidery thread, two coloursEmbroidery needleCarbon paper

Dimensions List

15cm diameter

Stitch a hoop

1 Cut a 21cm x 30cm piece of plain fabric. Place carbon paper on top, coloured side down. Download and print the template, position it on the carbon paper and draw over the design with a pencil, pressing firmly.

2 Put the fabric in an embroidery hoop, making sure it’s taut. Cut the excess to 5cm all round. Thread a needle with three strands of your desired colour of embroidery thread. Making sure to secure the thread on the reverse, work back stitch for the outline of the design and satin stitch for filling spaces. Use the stitch guide to help you.

3 When you’ve finished embroidering, trim and tidy up the loose threads on the reverse of the design. Fold the excess fabric to the back of the frame. Work tacking stitches around it and tie the ends together. This will allow you to tighten the fabric if it becomes loose in the frame.