Mother’s Day Fabric Flower Bouquet – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, assorted prints, scrapsThread, sewing,assorted coloursInterfacing, fusibleGlue: acid-free stick; PVAFlorist tape, greenWooden skewersButtons, assortedCard, A53-D foam pads

Dimensions List

Large flowers: 13cm x 23cmSmall flowers: 7.5cm x 22cmLeaves: 13cm x 24cm

Make a large flower

Download and print the templates. Cut a front and back for each petal in your chosen fabrics and iron interfacing onto one of them. Pin them right sides together and machine stitch from point A around the top of the petal to point B, using a seam allowance of no more than 5mm. Clip the curves and turn right side out.

Gently tuck the edges of the petal in. Iron flat. Using coordinating thread, stitch around the petal as close to the edge as possible. Repeat until you have enough petals to make a flower. You can make each flower different by appliquéing contrasting fabric onto the petal before you stitch the front and back together.

Stitch a small flower

Cut a front and back of the large flower head using the template. Back one with interfacing and place wrong sides together. Stitch around the flower close to the edges. Repeat with the smaller flower head template.

Sew a set of leaves

Use the big and small leaf templates and follow the same guidelines as for the large flowers.

Create a bouquet

Create a small hole in the middle of both flower heads for the small blooms. Push down onto a wooden skewer by 1cm, put PVA glue under and on top of the flower heads, allow to dry, then snip off the top of the skewer and use PVA to secure a button on top.

For the larger flowers, put a small amount of PVA on the shaft of each petal and arrange them around the skewer. You may find it easier to do one at a time, allowing each one to dry. Add a smaller flower if desired and top with a button. Secure two leaves to each large flower, sticking them 8cm down from the top of the skewer. Create a solitary leaf skewer with four leaves.

Starting at the bottom of each skewer once everything is dry, wrap with florist tape at an angle, working your way up the stem. Carefully cover every petal and leaf shaft, then finish wrapping just under each flower head.