Moulin Rouge Fancy Dress – 3 Costume Ideas For Burlesque Fancy Dress Outfits

Moulin Rouge Fancy Dress - 3 Costume Ideas For Burlesque Fancy Dress Outfits

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Burlesque fancy dress outfits became extremely popular following the success of the blockbuster musical film Moulin Rouge, starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. Today, Moulin Rouge fancy dress outfits are regularly seen at Halloween, or at other costume parties throughout the year.

When one thinks of Burlesque one naturally thinks of the can-can girls at the Moulin Rouge, but that is only a small part of this genre, which is actually a humorous theatrical entertainment based on parody and occasional grotesque exaggeration.

Likewise, Moulin Rouge fancy dress costumes are only a part of the Burlesque genre, which encompasses a number of styles. In fact there are so many different examples of Burlesque outfits nowadays that there are specialist websites online that feature the many different costumes available. Below are a selection of the very best of Burlesque fancy dress.

What different kinds of Burlesque fancy dress outfits are out there?

1). Sexy Burlesque Dancer Costume

The sexy Burlesque dancer outfit is a good example of a Moulin Rouge costume and is usually based around an off-the-shoulder bustle dress with lace and sequins and corset-like boning. These sexy Burlesque dancer costumes will also include a wonderful can-can skirt, which will no doubt have plenty of layers of fabric for extra volume and bounce. Many sexy Burlesque dancer outfits also come with a feathered headband and a pair of fishnet stockings, but if you costume does not then you should definitely buy them as accessories.

2). Burlesque Victorian Vampire Costume

The Burlesque Victorian vampire outfit makes the perfect Halloween outfit and usually consists of a black and burgundy dress with black lace sleeves and a black collar with choker. The Burlesque Victorian vampire costume will normally come with a little quirky feature to give it that Burlesque look, such as a black top hat. They really are a fun and original outfit to wear at Halloween.

3). Burlesque Ringmaster Costume

Burlesque circus outfits are becoming quite popular, no more so than the Burlesque ringmaster outfit, which is usually based around a short red dress with an attached tailcoat and a jacquard vest. The Burlesque ringmaster costumes will also come with a pair of fishnet stockings, white and gold cuffs, a black choker, a black top hat and a of course the ringmaster’s whip. Accessories to finish off these types of Burlesque ringmaster outfits are a pair of black patent shoes with chunky heels and a metallic buckle.

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