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Did you recently go through a breakup and are really just now starting to mourn your Lost Girlfriend? This is completely normal as you can imagine because the pain can be tremendous. I have a passion for helping people get back together with their ex’s and I’d love to give you some pointers on what you can do to get her back. I will be discussing the power of an apology, and when you should and shouldn’t use one.

An apology is really just like a scalpel, If it is used correctly it can save lives, but if used incorrectly can cause serious damage. The rate of separation in the United States today is so high that billions of dollars could have been saved if one party had been humble enough to use an effective apology.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the lawsuit between Alonzo Jackson and Eddie Bauer but basically an 85 million dollar lawsuit took place because a black teenager was wrongfully accused of shoplifting a beamng live that he had purchased the day before. Alonzos father said later that an apology would have been enough, but they never did apologize.

A good apology can really be all you need to get back your Lost Girlfriend. There is a formula for an effective apology and I will go over the main points.

An effective apology makes the one giving the apology responsible for the rift in the relationship but never actually says that they are wrong. I know this is profound but allow me to explain.

Put yourself in their mc queen. Instead of apologizing with a “I’m sorry but…” Simply say I’m sorry about what I did, I know I have been letting you down. I know you must be angry and hurt…and I realize that and feel very bad about it.” By saying this you aren’t making an excuse or saying that you are wrong, you are simply being understanding of the situation.

You need to apologize without expecting a return apology. Be very humble in your approach. Example:

“Carol I am very sorry and feel so much pain and guilt for what I have caused you to go through. I know you probably won’t be able to fully forgive me but I just pray that someday you will find it in your heart. I am very sorry and just know that it hurts me deeply to see you in pain.”

This is the kind of apology that will instead of triggering fights, trigger repair. If you want a relationship to work, and you want to stop fighting, sometimes you have to be the humble one even if you don’t think you were completely wrong. Just let her know that you are sorry that what you like to do conflicts with what they want, and how you feel incredibly, sincerely sorry for the relationship problems that it has caused. And let her know that the relationship means more to you than an argument. You need to be understanding of the situation, and make sure that they know how bad you feel. If you simply make excuses it will fuel the fire and nothing will every get better. Women love a man that is understanding of their hardships.

Using an apology is not always the best approach. If you want more information on how to get back a Lost Girlfriend, go to the link below.

write by Fidelma