Moustache Printed Toiletry Set – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, moustache print; cotton, cream; buchramFusible interfacing, medium weightThread, mohair, blackZip, black, 21cmShower curtain, creamRibbon, grosgain, black

Dimensions List

Wash bag: 18cm x 21cmTravel roll: 19cm x 32cm

Stitch a wash bag

Download the pattern piece. Cut two each from moustache fabric, buchram and a shower curtain or similar. Place the moustache fabric on top of the buchram, right sides up and sew together close to the edge, repeat for the other buchram and moustache pieces.

Place one of these pieces, right sides down on top of a right sides up zip. Place a shower curtain piece underneath, making a sandwich around the zip. Sew along the zip using a zip foot (Fig.1). Repeat for the other side of the zip.

Pull the moustache fabric either side of the zip and do the same for the lining. Top stitch close to the zip (Fig.2). Fold the moustache fabric over on itself so right sides are facing, do the same with the shower curtain fabric. Sew around, leaving a gap for turning on the shower curtain (Fig.3).

Square off the corners of both the lining and the printed fabric by folding the seams flat and lining up the bottom seam to the side one (Fig.4). Flatten down the bottom corner and match up the seams. From the point, measure 4cm in and sew straight across. Trim the excess.

Using mohair thread, decorate one of the moustaches by tieing a knot in the thread and pulling it through the fabric. Make a knot with another needle and push it close to the fabric. Trim to leave a 3cm tail. Repeat until you have a full moustache. Turn the bag out, pushing the lining into the main bag, then sew the lining closed.

Make a travel roll

Download and print the pattern pieces. For the travel roll pieces, cut one each of moustache fabric, cream cotton and interfacing. Repeat for the pocket section. Iron the interfacing to the moustache pieces.

Place the moustache and cream pocket pieces right sides together and sew along the top edge, using a 1cm seam allowance (Fig.1). Turn right sides out then press. Top stitch close to the edge.

Pin the pocket section on top of the cream section, alining the edges. Sew together very close to the edge. Decide what you want to put in the pockets, such as a razor or toothbrush. Mark the appropriate width then sew down to create smaller pockets (Fig 2).

Pin two lengths of black grosgrain ribbon to either edge, facing inwards. Lay the moustache piece on top of the cotton, right sides facing and sew 1cm in from edge leaving a small gap for turning. Cut the corners off then turn through. Press then top stitch around the edge. Tie in a bow to secure.