Mr and Mrs Cushions – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, calico, high-quality, 1m Felt, red, 21cm x 30cmInterfacing, fusible, lightweight, 20cm x 41cmFusible webbing, 21cm x 30cmCushion pads, 41cm square, twoButtons: black, small, five; red, 2.3cm, or custom made from polymer clay

Dimensions List

41cm square

Make a cushion

Locate, download and print out the templates. Measure a 41cm square of calico, cut and put aside. Iron fusible webbing onto the back of a piece of red felt, ensuring it is big enough to accommodate the motifs. Cut the female figure and ‘MRS’ motifs out using the templates as a guide.

Draw or stick the motifs onto the backing paper of the fusible webbing using glue stick, making sure that you reverse the text. Using small embroidery scissors, carefully cut out the shapes. Peel off the backing paper and arrange the felt figure centrally over the calico square. Lay a handkerchief over it and press to fix. Sew three small buttons down the front of the dress.

Cut out a top back piece from the calico measuring 22cm x 41cm. Use the selvedge to cut one long side, press and turn down a single 1.5cm hem, and stitch in place. Measure the position for the button holes, 3.5cm up from hemmed edge. On the inside of the fabric iron onba 10cm x 41cm strip of interfacing to stiffen and create a firmer base for the buttonholes.

Mark the centre of the cushion cover and 9cm either side, to position the buttons. Using the buttonhole attachment on a sewing machine, stitch the buttonholes and carefully open them using a seam ripper.

From the calico fabric, and using the selvedge as before, cut out a bottom back piece measuring 30cm x 41cm and hem. Lay the top and bottom back pieces over the front so that all three pieces match up and mark the button positions. Sew the buttons on securely using matching thread.

Place the main cover piece facing up, with the top piece placed on top right sides facing, and the bottom piece lined up right sides down on top of that. Machine stitch around the cover using a 1.3cm seam allowance. Snip the corners and turn out, press under a cloth and finish by inserting a cushion pad. Repeat to create a matching ‘MR’ cushion.