Mr & Mrs Squirrel – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, various printsFibre fillingBeads, black, fourThread: sewing, coordinating; embroidery, brown

Dimensions List

14cm x 18cm

Mr & Mrs Squirrel

Download the templates. Print pages 37-38, then trace the pieces onto the reverse of various fabric prints. Cut out, adding a 5mm seam allowance around each piece.

Pair up the ears right sides together and stitch around the curves. Clip the curves and turn out through the flat bottom. Finger press and pleat each side towards the middle. Stitch along the bottom edge to keep the pleat in place.

Place each ear, pleat side down, on the right side of the head pieces. Tack in place along the edge. Pin, tack and stitch the head gusset to one head piece, from the tip of the nose to the nape of the neck, easing the fabric around the curves without stretching it.

Stitch the head and tail pieces to the body tops where indicated at points A and B. The tail pieces can be flipped over if you prefer. Match up the body tops and pin together, right sides facing. Tack the other side of the head gusset to the head piece, easing the fabric as you do so. Stitch from point C all the way around the head, over the back and around the tail to point D.

Turn out the head and tail to check all seams and the position of the ears before you continue. Turn back when satisfied and pin the body tops to the body base. Stitch together, leaving a 5cm gap along one straight edge.

Fold over the raw edges of the gap and hem with tacking stitches. This will prevent them fraying too much when turning. Clip all curves and corners before turning right side out.

Stuff the tail section firmly, followed by the head and front legs. Fill the body before closing up the gap with mattress stitch and removing the tacking stitches.

Sculpt the body and strengthen the position of the head and tail by sewing a double thickness of thread from the nape of the neck, through the body to the underside (marked by the first X) and back. Sew through the body again (to the second X) and back to the neck. Carefully pull the stitches taut to create a fold on the underside. Sculpt the tail end of the squirrel in the same way, sewing to the remaining X marks on the pattern.

Securely stitch black beads to either side of the face and add brows or eyelashes, a nose and mouth with three strands of embroidery thread. Tip ears into a pleasing position and hold in place with a few small stitches.