My Girlfriend Is Acting Distant – Is She Leaving Me?

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My girlfriend of many years is acting distant suddenly. I do not know why she is acting this way and her behaviour is making me paranoid and suspicious if she is cheating or leaving me. There is a fear growing within me, what should I do?

You are now undergoing an emotional distant situation and this can cause you to be in extreme behaviour. It is important to control how you are feeling now. If you have tried asking your girlfriend about her distant behaviour and she was quite resistant to tell you, do not push her to talk. I know sometimes you can get extreme eager to find out why, but forcing your way will push her away.

You need to understand your girlfriend’s needs and because now she is acting distant, you will have difficulty to communicate the message across. In an attempt to make her comfortable with you again, give her some space and time. Even if you are not bear to do so, give her the rights to be alone if she wants. Start to think in her shoes, has she been complaining about certain unhappiness but you probably did not really want to bother so much? How are you going to build greater understanding and trust in each other?

There are many reasons why your girlfriend is acting distant and it is not necessary that she will leave you. However, one thing for sure there is a phase of doubts going through right now. It is certainly a weak emotional support to each other and this is one particular reason for her to keep a distance. For some people, weak emotional support could lead them to cheat on their partner.

The process of changing your girlfriend not to act distant takes a significant change in the routine and handling of the relationship. As long as you are able to bring out the good qualities and start to develop a feeling as being trustworthy, affectionate and positive, your girlfriend will feel secure and safe about the relationship.

Let go of being negative and do not even to talk about it. Behave in your best form and should you have any anger to overcome, try to go for exercises like jogging and swimming which can be very good for distressing. There are many ways of strengthening this relationship with your girlfriend. Remember, never let fear of betrayal or losing stop you growing to be the right guy in this relationship.

Growth in virtues strengthens the character or personality. If you can keep the good in your way, give only the best out and committed to work on it, it is very unlikely for your girlfriend to fall out of love with you.

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