My Shoe Collection Can Seriously Use an Upgrade

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I do not purchase footwear frequently. Looking at the footwear I have, many of them have been bought for me by others. I’m very thankful for that. If they hadn’t ordered me these shoes I’d probably be running around in the exact same pair of shoes that I used in middle school.

Today I am going to get a brand new pair of shoes. It’s a little challenging for me. My feet are enormous. So I will enter the shop, discover what they have around my size, and select from the two or three choices which I have. I am hoping to secure a pair of Zumba shoes in addition to a pair of cross training shoes. My footwear for Zumba class and my footwear that i don to the health club are each really fatigued. The soles are beginning to peel away from the underside of the footwear and the color of them are definitely not their original white.

I love to strength train in the gym and I want a pair of shoes that will help keep my feet secure while I am lifting weights and performing motions that require me to stand. A good firm set of hard bottomed shoes that aren’t soft is exactly what I would like. The classic converse all-stars would be excellent. I will check to see if I can find a set of them in the outlet.

The cross trainers I wish to buy for Zumba class are very different from what I want for weight-lifting. For Zumba class I’d like a good set of comfortable and cushy shoes to absorb the constant shock from stomping as well as stepping round the dance studio. My knees may be youthful but they tend to be creaky at times. A lot of stepping and stomping and I can begin to really feel it. A well fitting set of Zumba shoes together with additional padding for my knees and thighs is exactly what I require. And they will have to complement my dance costumes also.

While I am at it I’ll look to see what I can find in a pair of tennis shoes. I’ll most likely obtain another pair of cross trainers. I could make use of the same pair of shoes for Zumba and tennis but I don’t want to wear out my Zumba shoes too quickly. Running around about the tennis court really can do a number on a set of shoes. The challenging stops as well as starts are extremely hard on the soles.

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