New Home Framed Scene Boxes – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Dashwood Studio Petite Street collection by Wendy Kendall, fat quarter of each print; cotton, creamBox frame, unpainted, 19cm squareBoxes, woodenPaint: blue; pink; green Card, lightweightWaddingGlue: acid-free, stick; PVAThread, machine, brown; tealBobbin spools, plasticButtons, plastic

Dimensions List

19cm square

Make a framed scene

Remove the glass from your chosen frame and discard. Paint the front and inside matt green and the back section pink. Set aside. Cut a piece of lightweight card big enough to fit inside the frame and cover it with cloud fabric using an acid-free glue stick. Cut a piece of grey spotty fabric the same width but 6.5cm tall at the left side and 3cm on the right, and stick to the bottom of the cloud fabric. Leave to dry.

Cut one pale green tree, one grey house and one mustard coloured tree from the house print fabric, place as shown and stitch down using brown thread. Sew around a few of the clouds in the background and along the edge of the grey fabric using teal thread. Set aside.

Allowing for a 1cm border around each, cut out clouds, a tall green house, pink house, mustard house and a green tree from the house print fabric. For each one, trim a piece of wadding the same size as the coloured design, not including the border, and lightly stick to the reverse. Apply the glue stick to the reverse side of all the borders and place them onto a piece of cream coloured cotton fabric, firmly sticking all the raw edges down.

Once dry, stitch some details to each and sew around each border line. Carefully cut out each individual house, tree and cloud leaving a 2mm border around each. Using small amounts of glue, stick the tall green house and pink house as shown to the main picture. On the reverse of the large house and green tree, adhere a plastic spool or a small stack of buttons stuck together using PVA. Once dry, place and glue as shown. Set aside.

Cut out a line of bunting as before, leaving a 1cm border and stick it to a piece of scrap card. Stitch the triangle flags in pink thread, then cut this out close to the stitch line but leaving the top border. Stick in between the frame front and box frame insert so that it sits in relief from the main picture and only the triangles are visible. Attach the individual clouds to the back of the flags using glue dots. To finish, mount your picture and attach the back.

Create memory boxes

Paint the inside and outside of your chosen box or box frame. Measure the inside back and cut a piece of card slightly smaller, then cover one side with wadding. Cut your chosen fabric 3cm bigger all the way around, place the card wadding side down and attach the fabric to the reverse, pulling tightly and securing with glue. Position the padded fabric inside the box with PVA.

Create individual clouds and trees as before, mounting onto spools before attaching for a 3-D look. Customise with your own memorabilia for a personal touch.