New Year, New Fitness Goals

New Year, New Fitness Goals

New Year, New Fitness Goalsblack t shirt

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to start a physical fitness program. With less sunlight during the day in the Winter and much colder temperatures it is often ideal to exercise indoors. Winter conditions can sometimes make it a challenge to start exercising as it is often times tempting stay inside in the warmth with layers of dallas cowboys 3d los angeles clippers t shirt on and watch TV instead. However, Winter is the perfect time to start getting the body that you want for Spring and Summer. Once you have made the resolution to start a physical fitness program the next step is choose what you are going to do and where you are going to do it at.

There are many types of physical fitness programs available today and something for everyone. Getting in shape can come from swimming, running, biking, Pilates, yoga, dance, lifting weights, and of course the numerous and varied types of group exercise classes available at most gyms. Of course gyms are not the only place to start getting in shape. Many centers exist which specialize in different forms of exercise without ever having to step foot into a gym. Sometimes the best way to get moving is to think outside of the box and try something new. Many cities now benefit from Pilates centers, yoga centers, martial arts centers and dance centers. Engaging in physical activity at a center other than a gym is a great way to put a more personal aspect into physical fitness.

Staying motivated during any exercise program can be difficult and the hope with a new fitness program is to also inspire you to make it a lifestyle change. It is is important to have an exercise buddy, inspiring music, and healthy eating habits to fit with your new fitness program and enhance your new lifestyle. Getting fit is great but if you are sabotaging your fitness program with toxic things such as excessive sugar and alcohol then you are going to have a much more difficult time keeping your new fitness program and healthy lifestyle.

A big part of staying motivated is to set realistic goals. It is important to set realistic goals because you want to be and feel successful with your new change. Make goals that are achievable and are based from your current physical starting point. If you are starting from ground zero then maybe a 10 minute walk will be perfect for you. Soon this 10 minute walk will turn into a 10 minute jog, then a run, and maybe even a 10 minute sprint! If you started with a 10 minute sprint however you may burn yourself out too quickly and want to quit. Be realistic and start from where you are!

Get others going too. Once you have achieved some success in your new physical fitness program is will be important to help share your passion by spreading the word to your family and friends about how important it is to engage in physical activity and lead a healthy lifestyle. Working out should not only be fun it should be shared and celebrated with others!

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