Nike Dunks Mid Premium SB – Asbury Casino Edition

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The Nike Dunks mid premium SB – Asbury Casino is in the category of what are referred to as ‘mid’ Nike dunks, in reference to their height. Other ‘mid’ Nike dunk products include the Nike Dunk Mid Premium SB Donatello, the Nike Dunks Mid Premium SB Guns N Roses November Rain and the Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid Tie Dye, to name but a few of the members of this rather huge family. In the short period of time that I have gotten to use my nike dunk, I confess that I have come to be thoroughly enchanted with it.

The pair of nike dunk is Mineral yellow in color, but I could as well have opted for the Island teal version of it, because Nike Dunk Mid Premium SB Casino edition comes either in Mineral yellow or Island teal colors. It would be reasonable to assume that the Mineral yellow version is ideal for those seeking to convey an emotion of exuberance in their choice of dunks, with the Island teal being for the more reserved types.

Although the pair of Nike Dunks in question is primarily Mineral yellow, there are at least three other colors that can be identified on it, including the black that makes the shoe’s sole, and which emerges (very slightly) at the front of the shoe and at is back. The upper part of the shoe’s sole, however, is painted white, making for quite a remarkable contrast with the mineral yellow otherwise employed. There is a bit of black, too, on the patch where the Nike tick is based, and yet another white patch at the front of the shoe, between the sole and tongue. The tongue itself is a certain tone of grey. It would seem that Nike’s choices of colors for this shoe are not random, but deliberate choices meant to enhance certain effects.

The sole on the Nike Dunk Mid Premium edition is – perhaps in keeping with the name, moderately thick. For a tying mechanism, Nike opts for a shoe lace and flap mechanism in the Nike Dunks Mid Premium SB. Unlike in most other Nike dunks of all sizes of modern times, the shoe lace on the Nike Dunks Mid Premium SB is quite short, spanning over six shoe-thread holes only (only three pairs of them, that is); with the rest of the holding together being accomplished through the use of the flap mechanism, which is found on top of the tip of the tongue of the shoe; at the shoe’s highest point.

The signature Nike tick on the Nike Dunk Casino edition is, as in most modern Nike dunks, stretched – all the way from somewhere towards the center of the shoe where it starts on the black patch described earlier, all the way to the back of the shoe; and then all the way to the other side of the shoe where it terminates with the sharp edge.

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