No-sew wreath – Free sewing patterns


Plain yellow fabric, 30cm squarePatterned green fabric, 30cm square Fusible webbing Craft wire Wreath Buttons, fourPliers Pinking shears

1 Cut ten 20cm lengths of wire. Fold them in half and twist the centres, so that you have a loop at the top. Download and print the templates. Trace the leaf outline 10 times onto fusible webbing. Cut out the shapes roughly and press onto the wrong side of patterned fabrics. Peel off the paper and place onto yellow fabric, slipping a wire loop between the two layers. Using pinking shears, snip each one out, just inside the edge.

2 Twist the wire stalks together to make the garland. Hold two leaves together so that the second one lies 2cm below the first. Starting 2cm below the second leaf, twist the ends of the wire together, then add eight more leaves in the same way.

3 Cut two small and two large double-sided flowers in the same way as for the leaves. Snip a small gap in the centre of each. Thread one or two 15cm lengths of wire through the holes in four buttons and twist to make a stalk. Push the wires through the flowers. Lay the garland around the wreath and secure with short lengths of wire. Arrange the flowers along the leaves and twist the stems around the garland to hold in place.