Nursery Cot Hanging Storage – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: plain, yellow; plain, blue; printed, alphabet; linen, tartanHook and loop tapeBias binding, narrow: blue; yellowThread, machine, coordinatingFusible interfacing

Cutting Guide

Tartan: backing, 47cm x 61.5cm, cut twoAlphabet print: bottom large pocket, cut onePlain blue: baby wipes pocket, cut one; baby wipes pocket backing, cut one backed with fusible webbing; back strap, cut two pairsPlain yellow: top small pocket, cut two; front strap, cut two pairs

Dimensions List

44.5cm x 61cm, excluding straps

Stitch storage for a cot

Download the templates and print. Cut out all of the fabric pieces following the cutting guide and snip all notches as indicated on the pattern. To make one set of straps, take a back piece and front piece and sew a strip of hook and loop tape to each as indicated on the pattern. Lay the other front and back straps on top of each corresponding piece, right sides together, and stitch around the edges allowing a 1cm seam and leaving a gap for turning. Turn through and press. Repeat for the other strap.

Create two backing pieces, 47cm x 61.5cm. Place right sides together, sandwiching the completed straps facing inwards, 9.5cm in from each top edge, with raw edges aligned between the fabric. Stitch around all four sides, leaving a gap for turning. Turn, press and slip stitch the gap closed.

To create the aperture in the baby wipes pocket, lay the piece and the backing (with the paper removed from the fusible webbing) right sides together and sew around the central rectangle allowing a 1cm seam and leaving a gap. Snip through the seam allowance in the corners to allow you to turn the pocket backing through the gap to the back/inside. Press to secure the fusible webbing in place.

To make the top small pockets (including finishing the baby wipes pocket); bind along the top edge of each piece with contrasting binding as indicated on the pattern. Join points A and B at one bottom corner of a pocket piece and stitch together. Repeat for points C and D at the opposite corner and iron both seams. Fold under a 1cm seam allowance along three sides and press. Repeat this method for all three small pockets. Pin the pockets on the backing fabric, placing the baby wipes one centrally with the other two spaced equally either side. Top stitch along the three edges of each.

To create the large bottom pocket, bind along the top edge of the fabric as indicated on the pattern. To make the central vent, fold and press along the fold lines; to hold these in place make a few stitches within the seam allowance. Press the 1cm seam allowance under, pin the pocket in place on the backing piece, centrally below the top pockets, and sew along the three edges. Finally, stitch a vertical line down the centre of the piece between the vents to create two pockets.