Obi Belt – Free sewing patterns


African print fabric 114cm square, Interfacing, fusible lightweight

Dimensions List

10cm x 258cm

Make an Obi Belt

Gather your materials. Press an 114cm square of printed fabric. Line up the selvedge with the raw grainline to create a 90° bias fold. Cut out two bias strips 25cm wide that run through the length of the fold.

Repeat with lightweight interfacing and fuse to the wrong side of the fabric. Butt together the two pieces to create one long strip, and press the joining seam open.

Fold in half all the way down the length of the strip right sides facing, and pin. Trim the edges then sew around the raw sides leaving a 5cm gap. Turn out and slip stitch the gap to close.

To wear, find the centre point of the belt and place it at the middle of your waist at the front. Wrap towards your back and cross the ties over as flat as you can. Bring the ends back to the front and tie an oversized bow to secure.

Interface your belt for a more structured look.