Oilskin Duster, What it is and How to Maintain It

Oilskin Duster, What it is and How to Maintain It

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What is an Oilskin Duster? Well, it’s a some what fashioned along the lines of a trench coat but with a western flair, they generally are made of a heavy Black or Brown canvas material, with a water repellent coating called ‘Reproofing Cream’ on the outside shell, most of these have an additional flap that hangs from the neck and shoulders it is attached by snap under the collar and strap under each arm. This flap some times extends half way down the back. The purpose is multi functional in heavy rain it slows the progress of water soaking through, and it also can be used as an additional wind break when wrapped around the head.

The Oilskin Duster has 4 exterior pockets; two are flapped & 2 slot style behind the flapped pockets and is also designed with a split tail in the back this split is held in together also by snaps. When the split is separated each side can be wrapped around your leg and while riding a horse or motor cycle, the Original Oilskin Dusters also have 2 additional straps at the knees that can be used to hold down the tail in high wind by snapping around the leg or throe the boot straps, The Oilskin Dusters are not exactly maintenance free, and do require proper care, but mine I have had now for some 12 years and is still serving me well. When in the fields the Duster is excellent at resisting snags from briers and gochya plants.

While many states now allow the carrying of concealed weapons a standard western rig can be worn under the Oilskin Duster with plenty of room and little restriction.

The Oilskin Duster is easy to care for, my preferred way of cleaning mine is across the hood of my truck, but you can just as easily use a the backyard table or a large flat rock, all that is needed is a large fairly flat surface, mild soap & water (Do Not Use a degreaser) and a medium soft scrub brush. After cleaning the Oilskin Duster, Hang it out to dry, once it has dried well you well need a can of ‘Reproofing Cream’ and a good sponge or lent free towel. For best results in reproofing, your Duster should be warm, apply directly from the tin evenly to the shell of the coat paying close attention to all of the seams. For even better results warm up the reproofing cream, and use a 2nd clean cloth to remove excess cream.

WARNING: Reproofing cream can damage some materials, permanently changing the color of the fabric.

CAUTION: after reproofing remember the reproofing material is flammable keep the garment away from open flames and other ignition source.

write by Ryder

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