On What Was Known As Michael Jackson Fashion

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Michael Jackson was a pop icon. He reached the zenith of pop culture wearing one glove on his hand and without him noticing, he was able to influence an entire generation, not only in the United States, but the rest of the world as well. He gave out simple pieces like military badges and fedora imprints that, for some time, oozed more power than his music. His classic “Thriller” look-red leather, zippers a Jheri curls-transformed into a more majestic look that equaled his King of Pop reputation. When President Reagan invited him to the White House in 194 to receive an award, he arrived wearing a blue sequined cropped jacked with gold sequined epaulet, his signature glove, black loafers with spats and aviator sunglasses.Classy.

Michael Jackson is not just the King of Pop. He is also the King of Fashion. Once again, let’s reminisce his shining appearance on and off the spotlight.

Michael Jackson was also famous for his simple white-black shirt while moonwalking, and unique designs and luxurious dresses. His turning point was the Swarovski Crystal Shirt. It combined simple designs with simple colors and it can be worn almost anywhere.

Everything about Michael’s life was hinted by elements of the majestic and royal. It can be evidenced in his stage costumes, MTV dresses, mansion and cars. His Red velvet cloak Clothing and Catherine Bowman Jewelry Crowns are clear representations of his love for majesty and royalty.

Here are some of Michael’s amazingly simple items but spells class when configured together: White-black Jazz costume, black crystal suit, white crystal gloves and crystal socks. It was a classic ensemble that perfectly matched each other. Michael Jackson put it on during his Bad Tour. It was the first world concert tour by Michael as a solo artist that reached countries like Japan, Australia, United States and Europe. It lasted from September 12, 1987 to January 2, 1989. By far, The “Bad” World Tour was the most profitable tour in the world.

Michael’s attention for detail is outstanding. He has his own way of accessorizing from shoulder patch to belts and chest straps. Any accessories can be worn with different styles of clothing, and Michael can do one heck of a job.

In general, Michael’s fashion sensibility was mainly composed of classic styles spruced up by his own personal touch like his trademark armbands and other military inspired accessories. This simply shows that there are many things that can show men’s tastes and personality through their choice of clothing.

In Europe, cufflinks are the grade labels for men. They express good manners and propriety. Cufflinks are not majestic or royal accessories. As a matter of fact, they are very minute accessories. They are not flashy or blingy. They are simple jewelry for men. George Washington and Prince Charles chose cufflinks as their best accessory as they are elegant yet tough and perfect for almost any occasion.

On the other hand, Michael chose his gloved hand that touched the whole world.

write by Muriel

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