One Size Fits All Wrap Skirt – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics, Carnaby Street, Girl About Town printRibbon, coordinating, 1cm wide, 60cmThread, sewing, cotton

Cutting Guide

Skirt: 50cm x 2mWaistband/tie: 16cm x 2mSide tie: 16cm x 70cm 1cm seam allowance included

Dimensions List

One size fits all

Sew a wrap skirt

Cut out the pattern pieces as described in the cutting guide. Do this by simply drawing straight onto the wrong side of your fabric with a washable pen or tailor’s chalk, then cut out.

Fold the waistband/tie piece in half lengthways, right sides together, and create an angle at one end. Sew along the two short edges. Turn the right way around and tuck in the 1cm seam allowance along the open long edge and press. Starting at one end, top stitch along for 50cm close to the open edge. This creates the tie that wraps around.

Take the skirt piece that you have cut out and hem two short and one long edge. Along the remaining 2m edge, work two rows of long machine stitching, 5mm apart. Secure the threads at one end, then pull the two top threads at the other so that the fabric gathers together.

Continue gathering the fabric evenly until it measures 1.5m, the same size as the gap you have left in the waistband. Insert the gathered skirt panel into the waistband and pin in place. Top stitch to secure in place.

Take the side tie piece and make an angle at one end. Fold in half lengthways, right sides together and sew along one short and two long edges. Pull the tie through the correct way and press. Along the waistband/tie you have already created, measure 50cm from the end that wraps under and mark with tailor’s chalk. Pin the raw edge of the side tie to the waistband where you have made your mark. Stitch in place, then fold over and sew again to hide the raw edge.

The ribbons will secure the skirt and give a better fit to the wearer. Cut the length in half so you have two 30cm pieces and stitch one to the end of the waistband/tie that wraps under when worn, and the other to the inside of the waistband close to where the first ribbon meets the waistband inside when worn.