Organizing Shared Living Space

Organizing Shared Living Space

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First its a good idea to have some type of an agreement on what areas each person is responsible for. There are private areas which would include bedrooms and bathrooms. Although, there is a possibility you do share these areas with someone it is also an area that you are not sharing your underwear drawer the way you do the refrigerator. These are the areas you can have a little more control over.

Then we have shared space which could also be the areas referenced above. This is where each person should be responsible for keeping their every day items under control. Putting clothes away, making a bed and closing drawers can greatly improve the appearance of a room.

In the bathrooms make sure you are putting hair and tooth brushes away along with toothpaste, deodorants, hair styling products, perfumes and colognes. Organizing these items in baskets or bins can also make it easier to place them back in a room or under a sink.

All these items add up to clutter especially if your doubling them by two or three other people. If in a hurry try to make it a rare occurrence that these items get left out. Roommates arent parents and some will only take so much of being the clean up crew.

Lets look at some common areas. These are the gathering areas that are shared by everyone not just one other person like a room. These areas would include a kitchen, living-room, dining room, den or even a game room. These are the areas that not just one person is going to be willing to do all the organizing and cleaning for. These are the areas that should have group effort.

Roommates have different schedules. There might be someone or maybe it could be you that always leaves dirty dishes on the counter, pans in the sink, left over food on the counter. When the next person comes along to make their meal they have to first clean the pan or dishes they want to use and clear the counter-top. Basically they are cleaning up after someone else and having to repeat the task when they are done as well.

Try to be mindful of how long you leave personal items laying around and hopefully others will too. This goes for all those other gathering areas where shoes, sweaters and stuff can accumulate. Do your part to put your own items and others that you might be responsible for (spouse & kids) away.

A good idea for getting chores done (vacuuming, dusting etc.) is to create a schedule. Again, this is so not just one person always takes on the load. This also gets everyone involved to do their part in organizing a shared living space.

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