Padded Heart Felt Decoration – Free sewing patterns


Free Folksy Padded Heart KitEmbroidery scissorsDried lavender (optional)

Make a hanging heart

Locate and download the relevant templates. Use to cut two heart shapes from cream felt and eight flower shapes from pink felt, use a pair of small embroidery scissors to cut out each blossom. Using the template, snip eight large circles from blue felt and place one disc on each flower. Then cut eight small circles from the leftover cream felt and stack one on top of each shape.

Arrange the stacked flowers over the surface of one heart and pin in place. Stitch the centre of each flower to the heart with two strands of cream embroidery thread. Add a cluster of three seed beads to the middle of each. Use two strands of blue embroidery thread to sew from the edge of the larger circle to midway down each petal.

Pin the two heart shapes together, right sides out, and sew neat blanket stitch around the edges with two strands of blue thread, leaving a 4cm gap on one straight side for stuffing. Fill the heart, ensuring the top curves and the bottom point are well padded. If desired, mix in some dried lavender with the stuffing. Sew up the gap. Fold the ribbon in half and stitch the ends neatly to the top back.