Patchwork Jewellery Dish – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, printed, spotty, blue; pink;lime; cotton, plain, whiteThread: embroidery, green; purple; orange;sewing, cottonPen, air-erasableInterfacing, fusible, double-sided

Dimensions List

4cm deep x 8cm wide (at base)

Make a trinket tray

Download the templates and print. Cut out two base pieces in spotty fabric, two side pieces in plain cotton, and 10 side pieces in each of the remaining spotty fabrics. Draw the floral design on the two plain side pieces using an air erasable pen. Hand embroider using back stitch.

Place interfacing in the middle of a fabric piece on the wrong side. Fold one edge at a time around the interfacing and press with a warm iron to secure in place. Repeat with all pieces.

Take six side pieces and one large hexagon and, one at a time, place the side pieces right sides together with a hexagon base. For the inside, place the two embroidered pieces opposite each other. Using cotton thread, hand sew along the bottom edge to attach A to B. Repeat for the remaining six side pieces and hexagon.

Lay the inside piece flat with the right side of the fabric facing up. Pull the sides up and sew a stitch to hold it in place at the top of edges C and D. Do the same for the outside of the tray, but lay the piece with the wrong side facing upwards. Bring the sides up and secure with a stitch.

Place the inner tray inside the outer tray and carefully pin in place to secure. You may need to use safety pins. Using sewing thread, hand stitch all around the top edge using a small slip stitch.