PDF Sewing Patterns – Easy, Quality Patterns

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PDF sewing patterns are a digital file containing all the information you need to sew items such as clothing, accessories and toys. It will usually include printable pattern pieces that you can print on your home printer on A4 or letter paper. PDF sewing patterns are the latest and most convenient forms of patterns with great designs and easy-to-follow color diagrams. No more guessing instructions or making mistakes.

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PDF Sewing Patterns

PDF sewing patterns are convenient and easy to use and save you having to make a trip to the shops. Best of all they usually contain multiple sizes and are considered one of the best options if you want modern trendy designs from independent designers like Treasurie.


Shopping for pdf sewing patterns is easy and convenient and best of all there is a huge selection.



Shop for PDF sewing patterns in all categories including kids, bags, purses, leotards, women`s and dolls. Treasurie patterns are great quality and even beginners will get great results.

Here are some popular categories of pdf sewing patterns in the Treasurie shop.

Women`sBabyGirls DressesLeotardsBoysSeasonal (Christmas)Free PatternsBags and PursesDolls Clothing and Rag Dolls

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PDF Sewing Patterns FAQS

What are PDF Sewing Patterns?

THE FILE – PDF sewing patterns are in PDF format of course. This means that it can be viewed on all computers including laptops and desktops. Some customers can even view them on their mobile devices but you will need your device set up for this.

HOW DO I VIEW A PDF – A PDF sewing pattern can be opened and read with the free program called Adobe Reader. There are other programs which can open PDF but Adobe makes one of the oldest and most problem-free applications. Best of all it is free.

PRINTABLE PIECES -PDF sewing patterns contain printable pattern pieces that are stuck together in a grid to form a full-sized pattern. This means you can print on letter or 4 paper at home.

MEASUREMENTS – All Treasurie patterns have both imperial and metric measurements for your convenience.

PDF sewing patterns can also be called downloadable sewing patterns or digital sewing patterns.

PDF Sewing Pattern COntents

Common inclusions in Treasurie patterns are

Sizing charts.Pattern pieces.Fabric requirements for each size.Notions requirements (this is any extras eg velcro, elastic, bias, zippers).Cutting instructions and layouts. Sewing instructions which include photos and clear directions aimed at beginners.

Downloading PDF Sewing Patterns?

Downloading is easy! Once you have gone through the checkout, there is a link to click on waiting for you. If you would like to download later, just check your email inbox.

As a general rule, it is best to download any PDF files on a desktop or laptop. Many mobile devices aren`t set to download files. As mobiles get larger memories this will slowly change.

How to Print PDF Sewing Patterns

PDF sewing patterns can be printed on a home printer on either A4 or letter sized paper. The full sized pattern is cut up into a grid so after printing you sticky tape it back together. Once you have done it the first time you will see just how easy it is.

Printing must be done at 100% scale to get the sizing correct. Some printers word this slightly differently.

Check your printer settings for

Scale 100%Scale OriginalScale NoneMake sure there is no tick in the box fit to scale as this makes it slightly smaller.

Once you have printed the test page you will see a little test square you can compare to see if your scale has printed correctly.

Read more about printing and putting together your pattern.

Here is a quick video on printing PDF patterns.

Types of PDF Sewing Patterns

Free PDF sewing patterns – Can be found on my blog. Just click the free projects link in the menus above.

Free sewing projects include pillows, cushions, hair accessories and lots of home decor. There are even some clothing patterns. Most of these patterns are quick and simple and great to build your skills before trying something harder.

PinDress PatternPinBorder PillowcasesBaby SkirtBaby SkirtPinBaby SkirtsPinHair Clipsdiy hair tiesdiy hair tiesPinDIY Hair TiesPinDog PursePinZipper Pouchstar pillow patternstar pillow patternPinStar Pillow Pattern

Premium PDF sewing patterns can be found on the main Treasurie site and are multi-sized and detailed. Choose from clothing, accessories, dolls and more! Your file will include the PDF instructions and printable patterns pieces. Great value!

PDF Sewing Patterns – In Conclusion

If you need help with sewing, the Treasurie blog now has almost 400 articles on how to sew. No matter your sewing level, there will be something for you!

Beginner Sewing Tutorials

Here are some to get you sewing:

Pattern SymbolsSewing BasicsHow to Use a Sewing MachineClipping SewingCutting FabricSeam Finishes

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