Pearl the mermaid – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, printed, green, 25cm; plain,cream, 50cm; blue, scrap; floral, scrap;jersey, metallic, blueFelt: green; blue; pinkInterfacing, fusible, lightweightThread, embroideryYarn, red; orangeRic rac, assortedRibbons, assortedSequins, assortedBeads, smallButtons, round, pearl with metal shank, fourWaddingToy stuffingCard, 14cm x 30cm, twoGlue, fabric

Dimensions List

12cm x 46cm

Make a Mermaid

Adhere fusible interfacing to the reverse of blue metallic fabric. Using the template provided on p98, cut out two tail buntings. Position right sides together, machine stitch leaving a small gap, turn out, then slip stitch the gap closed. Add round pearl buttons to the bottom of the bunting.

Cut two tail pieces from green printed fabric. Pin and stitch the tail bunting to the right side of one of the tail pieces. On the same tail, stitch wadding to the wrong side of the fin section. Machine stitch the tail pieces together, leaving the top open, then turn out. Add decorative topstitching as indicated on the template.

Cut two body shapes from cream cotton. Cut a pink mouth and two green eyes from felt. Attach the mouth with fabric glue. Place a sequin and bead on each eye and sew to the face. Pin the bodies together with right sides facing and machine stitch, leaving the bottom edge open.

With the body inside out, place the tail inside it so that the right sides are facing and the raw waist edges are aligned. Pin, then stitch around, leaving a gap at the front of the doll. Turn out and stuff, then close the gap. Cut four arms from cream cotton. Place in pairs, right sides together. Stitch around the edge, leaving the top open. Turn out and stuff. Stitch in position on the body.

Using the template, cut two bikini tops from green printed fabric. Stitch together, leaving a gap at the bottom for turning. Turn out and close the gap. Wrap embroidery thread around the top’s middle and tighten, then add a sequin and bead to the centre. Stitch in place on the body and tie at the back.

Cut two 14cm x 30cm pieces of card. Wrap lengths of orange and red yarn horizontally around them. When you feel there is sufficient yarn on the card for the desired hair thickness, insert scissors between the two cards and cut the yarn at one end. Lay it out flat and stitch across the centre – this will become the hair’s parting. Glue the hair into position on the head and allow to dry, then stitch securely.

Cut out a selection of small felt circles in blue and green. Snip around the edge to create a fringe detail. Layer smaller circles on top of larger ones, than add a flower-shaped sequin and bead. Stitch these across the join between the body and tail. Cut two more circles, one slightly bigger than the other, and layer one on top of the other. Add a sequin and bead, and stitch to narrow ribbon. Tie around the mermaid’s neck.

Sew a Jellyfish

Cut two circles with a 7cm diameter, one from floral fabric and one from plain blue. Tack ric rac to the right side of the floral circle around the edge. Make sure the ric rac faces inwards as much as possible. Right sides together, machine stitch the two circles together, leaving a gap for turning.

Turn out, stuff lightly and stitch up the gap. Attach lengths of ribbon and ric rac to the bottom as tendrils. Fold 30cm of ribbon in half and attach to the top, adding a sequin to cover the stitches. Tie to the mermaid’s wrist.