Penguin Book print eBook Reader Cover – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, Ode To Penguin by Kate Legg, 40cm x 60cm; pinwheel print, orange, 15cm x 20cm; pinwheel print, red, 10cm x 20cmInterfacing, fusible, lightweight, 40cm x 60cmWadding, lightweight, 20cm x 30cmElastic: pink, 24cm; black, 8cmRic rac: pink, 30cm; narrow, green, 60cmButton, green, one

Dimensions List

17cm x 25cm

Sew an eBook reader cover

Cover the reverse of penguin print fabric with interfacing and iron to fix. For the front, cut a 18cm x 26cm rectangle. Select an interesting part of the fabric so that the penguin motif appears on the front of the case. For the lining, cut two 13.5cm x 18cm pieces. From wadding, trim a 18cm x 26cm rectangle and put all three pieces to one side.

Machine stitch pink ric rac 2cm from the edge along the top of the front cover. Cut four 6cm pieces of pink elastic. Place in each corner of one of the lining pieces, making sure the elastic is facing inwards and secure into place with a few tacking stitches. With right sides facing, pin both lining pieces together and machine stitch. Open up the seam and press.

Interface then trim the following: from red pinwheel fabric, cut a 9cm x 18cm rectangle. From orange pinwheel fabric, cut one 6cm x 18cm rectangle and another measuring 11.5cm x 18cm. On all three, fold a 1cm hem at the longest edge, press and machine stitch into place. Lay the largest orange piece over the left-hand side of the lining, followed by the red piece, then the remaining orange piece, making sure that all line up at the bottom and sides. Pin and tack into place using a contrasting thread.

Lay the lining and outer cover together with right sides facing, place the wadding on top. Pin all sections together and machine stitch into place leaving a 10cm gap at the righthand side of the rectangle for turning. Turn the case through the opening and press under a cool iron. Fold over a 6cm piece of black elastic, slip into the opening and pin into place.

Top stitch around the edge of the case, sewing over the pink elastic as you work and back stitching over the black elastic to give it extra strength. Hand sew a button onto the front of the case making sure that it lines up with the elastic and opens and shuts the case easily. Hand sew green ric rac around the edges and add two blue buttons to embellish.