Perfume Outlet Fun – When His Can Be Hers

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What makes a fragrance more of a feminine one, than a masculine one? Leaving aside the packaging, what are the main distinguishing elements that make a new perfume or cologne seem more suited to one or other sex? Of course there are many that seem unisex, suitable for both sexes to use – some of the Calvin Klein fragrances spring to mind in that context. If you buy fragrances from a perfume outlet you clearly know what you are getting, but if you were blindfolded and led into a room with someone wearing a fragrance – could you correctly identify if they were a man or a woman? It could be a good parlour game don’t you think?

Just think back only 1 generation – would you have seen men trying out perfumes in stores? No, that would have seemed very odd. It is only since the 1990s that men have not been considered effeminate in being interested in such things – even men’s skincare is not considered all that strange these days, though best not go to a football match wearing foundation cream eh? Purchasing ladies perfumes for a loved one is however an everyday matter for men now.

Those guys who DO still feel a little uncomfortable, standing in full view (usually right in the main entrance area of a store) can always try buying wholesale perfumes, but they really do still have to do their detective work to know which fragrance to buy through sources like that. A perfume outlet is usually a little more low-key than a Department Store, so that remains another alternative for sourcing French perfumes or similar.

Just how does a man choose a perfume for his loved one? This can be a tricky task, as men and women’s skin types can be quite different, so what may smell pleasant on his skin may smell quite differently on her!

American brands like Elizabeth Arden perfumes and French brands like Coty perfumes, clearly target women, rather than men. However a brand like Giorgio Armani covers both sexes with men’s fragrances like Armani Prive and City Glam – while the ladies have Acqua Di Gio, Emporio Armani and Emporio Remix to choose from.

Never make the mistake of trying fragrances using those small card strips that are used with testers. All perfumes require body heart to help release the fragrance into the air – that cannot be done with a lifeless piece of card. You can ask an assistant at a perfume outlet about what are the latest fragrances to be launched, what seems popular with a certain age group, but inevitably it all comes down to personal preference. Best just ask your girlfriend’s best friend about what she likes – less room for error that way!

Now – about the price issues! Here’s a question for you – do you know WHY when you enter a Department Store the very first counter you must pass by is typically fragrances? It’s because these products have the highest profit margin and so the store manager wants to put them where every prospective customer must pass, on their way into the store. A perfume outlet is quite different, in that usually all it has to sell is products of that type. So now you know that there are big profits for vendors – bargain really hard to get yourself a great discounted deal.

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