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Selecting a fragrance is an important decision – reading reviews and feedback from others, as well as understanding the composition of the fragrance helps you make better decisions. Here is some background information on two very popular fragrances.

Vera Wang perfume is a winner with rave reviews all over the internet. Here is a little background on Vera Wang:

Vera Wang has expanded into one of those newly popular “lifestyle brands” – meaning they sell everything from jewelry to accessories to shoes, beds, fragrances and more. Though Vera Wang is still best known for her bridal gowns that launched her fashion business back in 1990.

Truly Pink Vera Wang perfume is Wang’s fifth and most recent fragrance. Truly Pink debuted 5 years after her initial fragrance Vera Wang For Women.

What can you expect from Vera Wang perfume Truly Pink?

The notes include white freesia, cassis, lychee blossom, peony, pink rose accord, creamy woods, iris and violet wood.

You may expect a perfume from a bridal designer to be ultra romantic and you’d be right. Truly Pink is a little conservative and very romantic.

The top notes are vibrant with bright citrus and sweet fruit. It leaves a very soft pink floral scent fluttering under your nose. The iris lends a velvety finish that doesn’t quite go to powder but does feel silky.

Vera Wang perfume is definitely more pretty than sexy. It is younger and perhaps slightly less sophisticated than the original Vera Wang signature fragrance.

Angel Perfume

Angel is popular for many reasons, just a few of which are the fact that the scent is long lasting, comes in a refillable bottle and is considered luscious. Women wearing this fragrance often draw compliments from others.

Angel perfume also receives rave reviews online and lots of word of mouth referrals to friends and family.

Angel perfume is a little pricy, but as women looking for high end fragrances know – you really do get what you pay for. Plus if you get the refillable bottle, your refills are cheaper and will save you some money.

Created by the design house of Thierry Mugler in 1992, it was classified as a romantic scent. Angel perfume is a blend of vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, with the fruity essence of fresh citrus and some other fruity aromas and lastly and most surprisingly…Chocolate.

No wonder so many people love the scent – chocolate is such an inviting aroma.

Another perk of Angel perfume: When you open a new box there is a form to fill out to join the Thierry Mugler Angel Club. You will receive mailings with promotions (that allow you to get free samples of Angel perfume products).

Angel perfume is classified as a must have for women looking for one fragrance they can count on for day, night – any time really.


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