Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents – Promote Your Marketplace More Than You

Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents - Promote Your Marketplace More Than You

Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents - Promote Your Marketplace More Than Youblack t shirt

As a luxury real estate marketing professional it can be strategically advantageous to anchor your locale as a major component of your personal brand identity. Doing so can add significantly to the emotional appeal of your brand because it promotes the fact that you an ambassador of good will in your marketplace. Promoting your marketplace more than you demonstrates your marketing expertise and sells you in the process.

Here are examples of luxury brands that incorporate geography in their marketing strategy and how it can be applied to personal branding for real estate agents:

Donna Karan New York-DKNY

DKNY produces clothes for men and women targeting the urban chic crowd.  In a recent article in Interview Magazine, Donna Karan explains: 

“When Donna Karan started, I didn’t like the name Donna Karan. I had a real problem with it. I was so used to designing under somebody else’s name that I didn’t want to go out there with my own. I’m sitting in the kitchen, and I see the name “Maud Frizon/Paris, London”on a shoebox. I’m thinking, “That’s cool. What about Donna Karan New York?” Because it won’t be about me. It will be about New York City. Why New York City? Because New York City says the world. I wanted an international brand. Donna Karan’s just another boring name. I want everything to be about New York people living. I mean, everybody relates to New York as a bridge to the world. So that’s how New York came in.”


Donald Pliner

Donald Pliner produces los angeles dodgers sweatshirt targeting the higher end of the casual market: The company slogan, “Made in the Mountains of Italy”, (not just Made in Italy) connotes a relaxed place where los angeles dodgers sweatshirt are well made, unlike an industrial venue where high production quotas are more important than high quality.

Lindt Swiss Chocolate

Chocolate from Switzerland evokes the feeling of the beautiful Alpine mountains, the concept of precision and excellence, so you just know the chocolate is going to be great!

The Downtown Crowns 

A downtown San Diego mother-daughter luxury real estate team, the Downtown Crowns are experts in promoting their marketplace through their popular blog. The Downtown Crowns are very active participants in their community. They understand the principle of “promoting your marketplace more than you”. And, their brand is a clear example of geographic branding as it applied to personal branding for real estate agents.

The United States is replete with geographical gems. Which one is yours and how can you demonstrate your marketing expertise by promoting your marketplace more than you?

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