Phalodi – Gem of Thar Desert

Phalodi - Gem of Thar Desert

Phalodi - Gem of Thar Desertblack t shirt

Phalodi is one of the most beautiful towns located in the Thar Desert and is a part of the Jodhpur District of Rajasthan. It is a calm and serene town which was founded in the 15th century. It was part of the erstwhile Marwar state and was originally known as Phalverdika or Vijaypur Patan. Maldev Rathore of Jodhpur was the original ruler of the area. Tehn it was also under Emperor Akbar who gifted it to the Rulers of Jaisalmer.

Many wars have been fought over this town between the various rulers of Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur as it was a major contact point for traders from North-west India to Central India. Phalodi has a very rich religious and architectural legacy. Even though the small town is not so famous as compared to the other Rajasthan cities, yet it has retained its old world charm and comes about as a very bright spot amidst vast stretches of arid desert sands.

The art and culture of the place is very rich and exudes a charm which is difficult to find in other bigger cities. The style of dressing up, especially by the women is in direct contrast to the arid surroundings. The women in this part of the world wear brightly colored clothes with a lot of silver and beaded jewellery which stands apart in the desert. The brightly colored turbans of the men also are very attractive and intricately painted.

This town is home to the “Jootis” i.e. brightly embroidered st louis cardinals t shirt in all sizes and all sorts of intricate designs. The craftsmanship in the area is par excellence. Same goes for the jewellery in silver as well as the various bead necklaces, especially the Bishnoi-(a nature loving and worshipping community in Rajasthan) styled jewellery.

There are many traders who deal in these objects. Apart from this, one can also visit URMUL Marusthali Bunkar Vikas Samiti who also has good collection of heavy woolen shawls or Pattu as they are locally called and some very beautiful tie n dye dupattas apart from other ethnic articles. It is a non-profit organization which works for the upliftment of the weavers in the area.

Apart from the shopping experience, the architecture of the place is also worth looking at. There are ancient Jain and Hindu temples which are beautiful pieces of art and reflect the contemporary culture. The most famous temples in the area are the Ramdeora and the Jain Temples which have been built by Maheshwari Jains in 1847.

Same is the case with the typical Rajasthani Havelis or mansions built by the rich traders. The more opulent the havelis, the wealthier the merchant was considered.

One of the most enchanting havelis in Phalodi is the Lal Niwas Haveli which has been turned into a heritage hotel now. It was built in 1750 and is made of bright red sandstone which is a typical feature in the area. The havelis features spacious courtyards, traditional jharokhas and jaalis and a splendidly done interior. The display objects include artefacts, chandeliers, cut glass articles and also a rare collection of arms and weapons. These are indicators of the wealth possessed by the owner of the havelis.

Thus, even though Phalodi is a very small town in terms of people and popularity, yet it is very rich in culture and heritage. A must visit sight for travelers to Rajasthan.

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