Picking the Right Shoes to Wear With Skirts

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Skirts for most women are an item of clothing chosen to accentuate and show off your figure, from the hips and the curve of your posterior to the length and shape of your legs. Sadly many women wear shoes that detract, with the result all their carefully laid plans for looking sexy and desirable fall flat.

Choosing the correct pair of shoes to wear has a lot to do with the overall style of the skirt, whether it is loose and casual, or something a little more dressy. Certainly a mid calf casual skirt could be worn with almost any type of shoe, except maybe running shoes, but other types of skirt might restrict your footwear choice considerably.

High heeled shoes are almost universally described as making a women’s legs look sexy and do compliment a short skirt, even a mini skirt, although the look can easily look cheap and the secret is to coordinate colors and accessories to look trendy.

Strappy sandals generally go with most types of skirt, but particularly with wide or flowing skirts, and in summer a pair of thin strap sandals with a knee length cotton skirt can look fantastic and be very comfortable on those hot days.

Boots, whether they are low heel, high heel, ankle or knee length generally work best in combination with stockings or tights, and shorter skirts look better with knee length boots with a kitten heel, whereas longer skirts and low heel boots always look nice together.

Flat shoes and skimmers are a great look for casual days, but generally don’t work well with longer skirts unless they are relaxed and flowing. Casual mini skirts or short denim skirts and ballet flats are a good combination for women with a medium to slender figure, whilst fully figured women should avoid the mini and flats, and instead opt for flats with an above the knee skirt.

Wedge sandals are described as comfortable and easy to walk in, so the shorter or looser skirt are the perfect compliment for a relaxed feminine look, but avoid wedge pumps, either open toed or sideless wedge shoes should be worn.

Straight, a-line or business like skirts generally don’t work with shoes that are too casual; stockings and high heel pumps, kitten heel shoes, or high heeled sandals are the correct choice, and emphasize the natural sleekness of your leg from ankle to waist.

write by Stephen

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