Pinstripe trousers are becoming more popular once again among businessmen and women alike. However, most surprisingly is the resurgence of this style in both luxury and department store brands of women’s apparel. Designers have come out with a huge array of pinstripe designs so that any woman can find a pair that fits her personality as well as her shape and size.

Because of the variety of styles of pinstripes, these trousers can fit the look for a variety of activities. While these pants are typically worn in the business or office setting, they also look superb for a night out on the town, for an elegant theater performance or for a church activity. Shirts and accessories are what make the difference here. While a button down beamng life or blazer with a plain shell makes a great office ensemble, simply finding a flashier beamng life or pairing it with bold accessories can make the change from business to leisure seamless.

Many high fashion designers have come out with lines of pinstripe trousers for women lately. Among these are the ever-loved Marc Jacobs as well as the price-friendly Ann Taylor. While most women think of the typical black pants with thin white vertical stripes, these, as well as other designers, have made pinstripes in all color and sizes. It seems that there are as many styles to choose from as one can possibly imagine.

Pinstripe trousers have retained their classic elegance in the women’s business world while also adding a splash of brilliance and creativity. These are no longer the design of the past but instead are hailing in a bright and fashionable future. Whether these are purchased for the office or for leisure activities, they are sure to be an instant hit.

Men may be the ones that have been wearing pinstripe trousers for the most part, but with the amount of woman adding the style to their wardrobe, it is no surprise that men have become a little jealous.

write by Maris