Plaid Cashmere Scarf – A Back-To-School Essential!

Plaid Cashmere Scarf - A Back-To-School Essential!

Plaid Cashmere Scarf - A Back-To-School Essential!black t shirt

Summer really fades to fall. And fall means it’s that time of the year again. It’s time to go back to school. The time to catch up with your friends, or the time to meet new friends. The time to show off your style, or show off hints on what you’ve done and where you went for summer i.e. your fabulous tan or your beach babe hair waves. Maybe you’re excited, or maybe you’re a little lonely your summer love affair is just like summer. It faded. Whatever.

A new school year means new goals, or another chance to try accomplishing your past goals. A fresh start, new hopes, new classes, new classmates, new outfits to strut, new stories to tell your friends, and most importantly, a new and a much better version of you!

And while we’re not so looking forward to the late-night study sessions and the early morning beeps of our alarms, what really excites us to start the new school year is the first day. It’s a Christmas-or-New Year-type-of-day, if not the biggest or the most important day of the year. Reminders of the upcoming first day are all over the streets. Back-to-school sales and discounts are posted and hanged on store windows (a heaven for a back-to-school-stylish-girl-in-a-budget).

Maybe weeks before you already have an idea on what you should wear on your first day. But really, what should you wear to stand out amongst all the other students also hoping to get all the attention and dart all eyes on them?

Stand out and grab all that attention with a cashmere scarf. Wow the crowd by wearing a simple egypt t shirt and jeans (a dark-colored one will look fabulous i.e. black or dark blue) with your boots. Complete your outfit by loosely wrapping a plaid cashmere scarf around your neck. Choose a bright-colored plaid cashmere scarf to liven up your look. They will throw you glances (and second glances) for sure. Not because you’re wearing cashmere, sister. Because you look simply fabulous. The Hollywood (or is there a much better?) way.

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