Plush Bunny Rabbit Toy – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: mock mohair fur, 75cm; cotton, patterned, 29cm x 60cmWool felt, purple, 13cm squareButtons, black, two; pink, fourThread: sewing, coordinating; embroidery, pale pink; black; brownToy stuffingNeedle, longFusible webbing, 8cm x 16cm

Dimensions List

23cm x 50cm

Make a Bunny Rabbit

Download the templates and print. Cut out one head piece, one centre head, one front body, one back body, two legs, four ears and two arms from fur fabric, following the direction of the fur as indicated. Reverse the templates and cut out one head, two legs, two arms, one front body and one back body also from fur. Cut out two middle ear pieces and two middle paw pieces from patterned fabric, then cut out two paw pieces from wool felt.

With right sides facing, pin the two back body pieces together at the point marked centre back and machine stitch together. Repeat for the front pieces, pinning at the centre front point. Pin the front and back pieces together and machine stitch. Turn out and stuff well until the body is nicely rounded. With right sides facing, pin two arm sections together and machine stitch, leaving a gap on the underside for stuffing. Sew the second arm together in the same way, and turn out. Stuff both until well rounded and sew up the gaps.

Pin and stitch the leg sections together with right sides facing, leaving a small gap on the underside for stuffing. Cover the back of a middle paw piece with fusible webbing. Fold over and press down a 5mm hem all the way around. Place the fabric circle in the centre of a felt paw piece and iron into place. Machine stitch around the middle paw piece. Pin the felt paw into position at the foot of the leg and machine stitch into place. Turn the leg the right way, stuff well and neatly sew up the gap. Complete the other leg in the same way.

Fold one of the middle ear pieces in half and machine stitch along the dart line. Press down a 5mm hem all the way around and pin to the front of a fur ear piece, then machine stitch into position. Place right sides together with another ear piece and stitch together, leaving a 5cm gap halfway up the ear. Turn out then stuff the ear lightly with toy filling and neatly sew up the gap. Complete the other ear in the same way.

With right sides facing, pin the two side head sections together from nose to neckline, leaving the top open, and machine stitch together. Pin the central head section to the two open sides and machine stitch into place. Cut small slits in the head for the ears, as indicated on the template. With the head still inside out, pin the ears into place and hand stitch, making sure they are well secured. Turn the head out and stuff until nicely rounded. Using strong thread, sew running stitches around the opening in the neck and pull well to create a small neck opening.

Position the arms against the body. Use a double thickness of strong thread and a long needle to button joint the limbs to the body (see p98). Attach the legs in the same way.

Position the head on the body and tack at the sides and back with a few stitches, then sew into place with whip stitches and strong thread. Using three strands of pink embroidery thread, create the rabbit’s nose using satin stitch and the mouth using black embroidery thread in chain stitch. Sew buttons in place for eyes, then embroider claws onto each of the paws using brown embroidery thread.

To make the tail, cut a 12cm circle from fur fabric. Sew running stitches all the way around the outer edge, then pull to create a rounded shape. Stuff well with toy filling. Pull the running stitches again to close and tie off the ends of the thread. Stitch the tail securely to the base of the bunny body using small stitches to finish.

Cut a length of patterned fabric measuring 9cm x 40cm. With right sides facing, fold the fabric in half lengthways. Machine stitch up the edge leaving a 7cm gap in the centre for turning. Stitch the ends of the fabric at an angle and trim off any excess. Turn out and press, then sew up the gap using neat whip stitches. Tie in a bow around the rabbit’s neck to finish.