Pointe For Beginners – Preparing For Ballet Pointe Shoes

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If a pointe class for ballet beginners (including adult ballet beginners) is your goal, there are specific ways you can prepare to dance in toe shoes. The info you need is available. Strengthening your foot muscles with daily exercises is a way you can start right now. Ballet tips on which pointe ballet shoes suit different foot types will get you ready to choose the best ballet wear store, and the best brands to try on when you get there.

So far you have worn soft leather ballet slippers for your ballet classes, yet your eye has been on pink satin boxed shoes, probably since you first saw The Nutcracker or Swan Lake.

If dancing en pointe is your dream, start getting ready now. Your dream has already started!

Learning about the special intrinsic foot muscles and how to develop them is easy. There are exercises you can do every day while you read or watch television – in other words, once you have learned them, they will not take any extra time.

A bonus to these exercises, is that you will feel the difference in your foot strength in your dance classes. Small jumps and relieves will feel more supported in your feet. Having strong foot muscles also relieves over-working in the calf and shin muscles.

One example of this type foot exercise is “playing the piano” with your toes. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Lift your toes. Press down with each toe one at a time, without letting the rest of your foot change its placement on the floor. Then lift each toe, one by one.

At first it feels like your brain does not even know where those muscles are!

write by Felicity

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