Pomona Swap Meet Classic Car Show

Pomona Swap Meet Classic Car Show

Pomona Swap Meet Classic Car Showblack t shirt

The Pomona Swap Meet was just held on 17th April, 2011 at the huge Pomona fairgrounds. This is one of the biggest auto swap meets in North America. It will be held six times in 2011 and seven times in the year 2012. This event usually attracts over 20,000 spectators from all over the country. It is an excellent place to buy and trade vehicles and car parts.

The event usually starts from 5am to 2pm, no matter what the weather condition is. For car enthusiasts, this is a fantastic car show that you don’t want to miss! The entry tickets cost only $8 per person, and it is definitely worthwhile. It is also free for children under 12.

The whole show area is longer than 15 miles with more than 3,000 vendor spaces. At a fair price, you get to witness wide range of rare car parts or accessories. It is simply astonishing to see thousands of cars that are on sale or displayed during the car show. Some highlights include pre-1975 antique cars, Volkswagens, street rods, Porsches and Corvettes.

Seekers should find themselves happily exchanging classic cars, parts and sharing car wisdom in this event. Furthermore, this event is very suitable for car owners who wish to display or sell their classic cars. Remember that the spaces are on first come first serve basis. Moreover, you must ensure that your cars are complete; in other words, none of the major components are gone. The fee is $25 including packing space and 2 admission fees. For Saturday, it is advisable to reach around 9a.m. when Gate 15 is opened. Gate 15 is on Arrow Highway (North to the main parking lot), and it is the first entrance on the right. For Sundays, cars owners are usually advised to reach before 4 a.m. to get the space needed. And more good news for the car owners, there are no extra fees if you want to tow your car.

Besides that, if you find that there are car parts left from your restoration projects or from your car related businesses or if you are thinking about picking out the old car hobby, you may choose to sell your car parts during the event too. You can turn your car parts into money. If you are interested, you will need to pre-reserve your space as a parts seller. You need to have a valid California seller’s permit too. After reserving the space, you will get the passes before the event. $40 is what you need to pay for a 20’x20′ space.

For spectators who are not interested in selling anything, it is also advisable for you to arrive early to the show to get the best products available for sale. Besides that, do remember to wear a pair of good new york yankees t shirt to walk along the 15 miles long area. Various food and beverages are available for sale along the concession stands. When you have an eye on a car or a car part, negotiate with the seller for the best price possible. After that, check on every crook and corner of the car or the part that you wanted to buy. Among the questions you should ask yourself before the purchase include: Do you find any over spray on the exhaust that indicate new paint job? Is the carpet new? Any sign of rust-repair? You can inspect the bondo body-filler using a tiny magnet. Besides that, you may also use some negotiating techniques. For example, you can start from a large discount, and move on to the price that you think is reasonable. This is called the door-in-the-face technique.There are so many great car shows out there, don’t limit yourself to just one showing. Be sure to check out the pomona swap meet show as well as the Sema and Pebble Beach shows that occur every year!

To save more, you can reject any extra service or any storage arrangements. Another important tip is to have all deal written on paper or to take a picture of your intended purchase. There are so many great car shows out there, don’t limit yourself to just one showing.

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