Popular Colors for Women’s Shoes

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Besides the basic design, the color of the shoe plays a very big role as well. The basic design can only do so much. Everything else rests on the hands of the color chosen. The color, determines what you can match your shoes with, be it a long silver gown or a simple top and jeans. There are some colors that are more popular than others for precisely this reason. Some of them go well with a wide range of colors and styles.

Yet, there are some that are very specific in how you can use them. You will notice that most of them are background players in the sense that they are not so bright that they would overwhelm the outfit chosen. Here are some very flexible colors for you to use with a large part of your wardrobe.


Beige is a great background color. In itself, beige is a rather unremarkable color to use. But its strength lies in its neutral color which is perfect for highlighting a great dress or accessories. This color goes very well if you want to show off strong colored outfits. If you’re looking to highlight a great blue dress or a nice pair of tailored white pants, beige is the color to use.

It is also a color that sometimes can be confused with nude colors. Those that match the skin tone is sometimes considered to have great highlighting capabilities. However, beige is not a true nude color.


Nude is the ultimate background color to have in your wardrobe. This is because nude is the one color that is meant to blend in perfectly with your skin tone. As such, a great pair of nude shoes will never stand out, which is why it is the single most versatile women’s footwear in the market.

This color is most popular on women’s heels but can be found in just about any style including court shoes, kitten heels, trainers as well as ballerina flats. It is definitely a niche color but those in the know truly appreciate the power of nude shoes. For the most flexible color you will ever have, choose nude.


Black is not an exceptionally great background color to have. But it fulfills the role admirably because it has been used for this role for so long. Every woman knows that black is the perfect jack-of-all-trades color. As such, black is the most popular color on the market for any women’s shoes. They are great as heels, flats, work shoes and so much more.

Because it is the darkest color available, they are easy to maintain. They don’t smudge or stain easily at all and a simple wet cloth can restore your pair of black shoes to its original splendor.


White is another popular color that also performs the role admirably. However, among the listed colors above, it is arguably the worst at performing a background color role. They really only blend in well if they are matched with white. Any other color allows them to be quite noticeable. Additionally, they are the single most difficult color to keep clean. Depending on the material, you may have to clean them immediately upon returning home as some stains can be very difficult to get rid of.

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