Popular Halloween costumes keeps changing from year to year, a lot influenced by all the rage movies and TV shows, music superstars, and well-loved cartoons. Each year by October, the National Retail Federation puts up a list of the mainly well-liked costumes for the up coming season. In 2006, for instance, pirates, superheroes, and other witches were a month the trendiest. In 2004, the top Halloween costume was Spiderman; in 2003, it was The Hulk.

These styles have much to do with the existing blockbusters, which go to show that even when it appears to popular Halloween costumes, the trendy media has the last say. Some other popular Halloween costumes are eternal classics. Fairies, cheerleaders, and Disney characters are forever famous, along with vampires and clowns. Older kids and teenagers normally favor scary Halloween costumes. In 2006, some of the most popular Halloween costumes for teens incorporated undead cheerleaders and corpse brides. Some of the most popular Halloween costumes for babies are Disney classics such as Winnie the Pooh. Animals such as bunnies, ladybugs, and amazing cats have as well been in trend choices for babies and toddlers.

Among adults, sexy clothes are apt to be well-liked costumes. It’s hard to envisage a Halloween party without a sexy nurse, a nice-looking French maid, or a seductive vampire. Traditional characters never get aged and are forever popular Halloween costumes for adults. This includes classic movie characters, like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or superstars such as Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. For adults, much of the fun of Halloween comes with playing wear dressy clothes, so many choose for costumes based on puns or image gags.

For people who have a preference to skip stores and make their own Halloween costumes, creativity is key. Even those who can not stitch could easily piece together a costume from the back of the closet. Don a Hawaiian choo choo charles and an old camera and you have an instantaneous Halloween costume as a tourist, for example. Above all, remember to be secure and then have fun. Halloween is a day when everybody gets to be a child once again, no matter their age.

write by Maynard