Popular Vintage Shoe Styles

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Collecting vintage shoes can be very exciting. Many women all over the world spend hours searching through discount stores, online retailers, specialty shops and antique markets with hopes of finding the perfect pair of pretty pumps, sexy sandals or flirty flats!

They are well aware that wearing vintage footwear can make the difference and can often transform an outfit from drab to fab!

Though there are many kinds of vintage shoes, there are a few styles which remain popular year after year. These styles are considered to be timeless and for those who collect them, these shoes have as much style and value today as on the day they were made.

Here is our list of the top vintage shoe styles:

Pumps and heels: All women feel better wearing a fabulous pair of pumps. Of course, this is not a new development. Women have been enjoying this classic style for centuries and have recently begun to cherish and collect the designs and styles of the past. Vintage heels will often have unique, colourful linings and will also consist of other quaint little touches such as bejewel buckles, coloured soles and even delicate heel details.

Slingbacks and sandals: Always a popular style for summer, sandals and slings are a great choice when collecting vintage shoes. Some of the most sought after designs will include fabric insoles, sea shells, Asian-inspired designs and even large gold coin details on the toe straps!

Boots: Whether you prefer authentic biker boots or rugged cowboy boots, these are a great addition to any vintage shoe collection. Even thigh high, pvc go-go boots are a popular collectible! If you are searching for a pair of vintage boots try to find designs which feature the label of a well known designer.

Slippers and flats: Possibly the most rare, and hence valuable, style of vintage shoes, ballerina flats and slippers are equally fun to collect as they are to wear! Due to their limited numbers, vintage slippers and flats are often made using higher quality materials and when found online can be in excellent condition!

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