Preparing a Child For Wrestling Tournaments

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When you have your wrestler in competitions you will need to help him prepare mentally for what may happen. It also helps for you to come prepared also. While most competitions have some sort of trainer, you should pack a first aid kit just in case. You never know when your kid will get a nose bleed or something else. Having a first aid kit will help in these rare situations, otherwise you will have to use the paper towels that the kids have. Be sure to pack their bags for them when they are young, nothing is worse than getting to a tournament and not remembering to have a singlet, or wrestling shoes.

While wrestling is meant to be fun for your kid, remember to have him do some activities that are not just wrestling related. He is a kid and you shouldn’t force him to anything that he doesn’t want to do. This is also a time for him to be able to rest from practice and tournaments. Rest is very important because of the demands of wrestling. It also helps to prevent injuries and or heal from them. Let him play with his friend and make him not worry about wrestling. You don’t want your child to burn out because you pushed him to hard when he was younger.

When you take him to practices make sure to work with the coach of the club or place that is having the practices. You might not think he is doing a good job, but you can make things very uncomfortable for your child. This is because he won’t know who to listen to and will not know what to do when people tell him things. This will only prevent his growth as a wrestler. He won’t learn as fast because of this, but by working with the coach you will be able to make sure that this doesn’t happen. You want your kid to be successful and not a failure.

In addition to working with your coach, don’t forget that he is there for you also. His main job is to teach wrestlers how to wrestle, but, if you have some questions about wrestling or about your child then ask the coach for help. There is no shame in that. He is there to make sure the child is successful and that means helping the parents as well.

write by Raphael Walton

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