Professional Painting Toolbelt – Secret Tools to Get A House Painted in Half the Time

Professional Painting Toolbelt - Secret Tools to Get A House Painted in Half the Time

Professional Painting Toolbelt - Secret Tools to Get A House Painted in Half the Timeblack t shirt

Firstly, if you want to paint like a professional, a key way to save time is to avoid taping the walls to get a clean cut line. It is worth the time to learn how to cut with a paintbrush on a wall which can be repainted. Hold your paintbrush near the bristles as if you were holding a pencil, and play with the pressure, until you can pull your bristles along the wall for a clean cut a line. Making a clean cut line is a lot easier than one would think, it simply needs a couple practice efforts.

Aside from cutting like a painting professional, the following tools kept in your painters tool belt will save you countless hours of frustration and time.

1.) Rubbing Alcohol

Before you decide whether to use latex or oil paint, it is well worth your time to dab a bit of rubbing alcohol over the existing paint to determine if it is latex or oil. Latex paint will come off with a dab of rubbing alcohol. You can paint latex over latex, but if oil paint is the base, be wary of using latex paint to cover it.

2.) A rag

Always keep a rag at your side whether you are painting your own home or painting professionally. You can either keep this rag in your tool belt or drape it from your pocket. As painters we have all the best intentions to be careful, and not drip paint; however, we all know that accidents happen. Without this tool, you’ll find yourself running around wasting time, searching for something to clean your mess, all the while, the stain is setting in.

3.) 5 in 1 Tool

From the moment you pull your paint out, to the clean-up phase when you’re washing your brushes, this tool is invaluable to homeowners painting a room and professional painters alike. This tool will quickly open your paint cans. It has a pointed edge that can effectively poke holes into your paint can so that paint doesn’t dry up in the rim. You can also use the 5 in 1 tool to scrape paint drops from windows, hammer down your paint lid, and the rounded edge will help you drain the paint out of your rollers.

4.) A Wire Brush

Don’t throw away every paint brush after you’ve used it. Buy a good quality brush and during the cleaning process, after you run some warm water into the bristles, scrape the brush from the metal to the tips of the bristles with a wire brush. This will keep the painting surfaces of your paintbrushes making clean cut lines for a longer period of time.

5.) Paint Brush Spinner

This spinner works to dry out your paint brushes as well as your rollers so that you can keep them in circulation on the job site, rather than constantly reaching for new tools. This will save you a lot of time that is wasted while waiting for other brushes and rollers to dry.

6.) Neoprene Boot Covers

When painting interiors of homes and offices, it is beneficial to wear a neoprene boot cover over top of your safety boots or work shoes. While painting we often have to climb up ladders or run outside to grab a tool or drop cloth. It is both unsafe and uncomfortable to climb a ladder without detroit tigers hoodie on; however, it is also unprofessional to work indoors with your dirty outdoor detroit tigers hoodie on. Wearing a neoprene boot cover with a non-slip grip will keep your customer’s home clean and help you stay safe on the job.

7.) Stain Remover

If you do happen to spill paint on a surface in your job site, a stain remover found at your local hardware store is a fantastic way to get out pretty much any stain. As much as we’d all like to be perfect, sometimes our skills, drop cloths and steady hands fail us. When this happens, a good stain remover is a great plan B that will quickly remove most stains that accompany paint jobs.

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