Profile on Richie Rich – The Fashion Designer

Profile on Richie Rich - The Fashion Designer

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Richie Rich has become a popular name in the fashion industry. Initially, he has trained and dreamt to become a seasoned figure skater of which he was even able to train alongside Kristi Yamaguchi, a gold medalist in figure skating. He later on ventured out to the club music industry which he was able to record two dance club hit singles called Magic and Collision. Though he also made cameo appearances in some films this former club kid realized his true calling, fashion design.

Richie Rich teamed up with Traver Rains to form the now famous, Heatherette which was launched in late 1999. He has been known to create customized tops of which is made from leather complete with all the trims he could think of. His creations along with the collaborations from Traver Rains have been able to catch the attention of the public – especially those of celebrities. Their work has received exposure from Foxy Brown, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and Aerosmith; they were among their first high profile customers. They launch fashion shows on a regular and consistent basis of which has always proved to be successful. Among the famous icons of which they have featured in their catwalks are Boy George and Anna Nicole Smith.

Though there were some stipulation in the past where Rich and Rains has separated their paths and that their Heatherette line is no more; there was no confirmation to it at all. Rich took some time off to be able to concentrate on his new line of shoes and to be able to prepare for his comeback in the fashion industry. He is known for his flamboyant works where he is able to combine materials in such a manner where it has not been thought of before and still be able to achieve wonderful results. He is able to create ideas to be able to conform to the current times and still be appreciated by both the young and conventional.

Heatherette has received mounds of publicity and has been able to establish itself internationally. It still promotes its great relations among celebrities of which has become an advocate of their fashion statement. There are also some publicity in terms of shows and other forms of public appearances where their fashion line is being endorsed or advertised. Though Rich has been well known in the fashion industry as one who has learned to focus on leather tops, he has been able to transform various works of art using various materials apart from the usual items. His work has always been known to be elaborate and tasteful; a wonder to most fashion critics and still a delight to see and actually take part of. Richie Rich takes great pride on his work and enjoys every moment of which he creates them. The Rich and Rains duo have eventually assured the public that there is no fact to the fall out; and that in reality, they are eager to create more and will stay in the industry.

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