Pumpkin Pincushions – Free sewing patterns



Cotton fabrics, selectionGreen feltSpotty ribbon, orange, greenGreen embroidery threadToy stuffing

Dimensions List

Small pumpkin: 10cmLarge pumpkin: 13cm

Sew a pumpkin

Download the large pumpkin template, transfer onto card and cut out. Place onto the back of lime green fabric and draw around the shape using a pencil. Trim, and repeat with seven other complementary fabrics.

Arrange the fabrics, then with right sides facing, pin two lozenge shapes together and machine stitch down one side using a 6mm seam allowance. Finger press all the seams open. Continue pinning and sewing sets of two together, then machine stitch two sets to create two halves with four sections in each. Pin together and machine stitch all the way around the shape, leaving a 2cm gap at the base for stuffing. Turn out and stuff.

Thread a needle with a double length of green thread and sew the gap closed. Thread a long needle with a length of green embroidery thread and sew in between each of the segments to create the pumpkin shape, starting at the top and ending at the base. Use the small flower template to cut a bloom from green felt. Sew a 1cm green button to the centre then attach to the base, stitching right through the pumpkin.

Wrap a length of cling film around a large cylindrical object, such as a paintbrush and secure the ends with masking tape. Tightly wrap with spotty ribbon in a spiral formation and secure the ends with masking tape. Coat with PVA and leave for an hour to dry. Carefully remove the ribbon and trim to size. Sew two lengths of this spiralled ribbon to the top of the pumpkin.

Using the large template, cut out a flower from green felt. Make a slit in the shape as indicated. Trim a 3.5cm x 5cm rectangle of brown felt and fold it in half vertically. Sew.around the top and side with small stitches and stuff well. Push this stalk through the slit and sew to the back of the flower. Position on top of the pumpkin and hand sew securely into place with small stitches.

Try another… Make a crop of pumpkins using the smaller template, altering the colour scheme as you go.