Quick-Make Bunting – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: a selection of fabric scraps in coordinating colours, approx 20cm x 30cm per flagTablecloth: vintage, embroidered (optional – you could also use napkins or pillowcases)Bias binding or ribbon; desired length of bunting plus 33cm at either end to allow for tiesCard, to cut triangle template

Dimensions List

This project can be custom-made to any size


Cut a triangular template from a piece of cardboard, making sure that the two longer sides are equal in length. Our sample measured 15cm at the base, and 20cm along each of the longer sides. Place the cardboard template onto your fabric and draw around it twice for each flag, making sure that your fabric always has right side facing upwards and cut out.

Once cut, place two fabric triangles right sides together and pin to secure. Work a straight machine stitch around the two long side edges of each flag, leaving the top edge open for turning and working with a 1cm seam allowance. Repeat for each flag.

Trim back seams (do this with pinking shears if possible) to remove any bulky edges, and curve the points to ensure a smooth finish. Turn the flags right sides out, and press. Neaten the top of each flag by turning the raw edge inwards by 1cm to the wrong side, and press.

Leaving 33cm at each end to allow for ties, pin the flags along a length of bias binding or ribbon, making sure they are evenly spaced. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, stitch into place with a wide zig zag stitch, to secure.