Quilt Sizes – Best Guide to All Standard Sizes

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Quilt sizes are important to quilting sewers and those of you just trying to work out which size quilt to purchase. Quilting is an enjoyable hobby that lets you admire and enjoy your beautiful work of art every night. While there are some standard quilt sizes labels such as single, double, queen and king, there are other things to consider when sewing or purchasing a quilt.

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Quilt Sizes

When you decide to make or buy a quilt, size really does matter.  There are many different sizes to choose from to fit commercial mattresses sizes.  Then there are your own preferences, depending on the style of covering you are wanting for your bed at home. 

Mattress Sizes

Before you start looking at quilt sizes it is important to identify which size mattress you need to cover.

Here are the Mattress Sizes for the US. Wikipedia has a great resource comparing the mattress sizes in different countries.

Like most sized items, there can be differences between countries and brands so do a double check of your own mattress size before you start sewing or purchasing a quilt.

Crib 27 x 51″ 69 x 129.5cm
Small Single 30 x 75″ 76 x 190.5cm
Twin (Single) 38 x 75″ 96.5 x 190.5cm
Twin XL (Large Single) 38 x 80″ 96.5 x 203.5cm
Full (Double) 54 x 75″ 137 x 190.5cm
Full XL 54 x 80″ 137 x 203.5cm
Queen 60 x 80″ 152.5 x 203.5cm
King 76 x 80″ 193 x 203.5cm
California King 72 x 84″ 183 x 213.5cm

Quilt Sizes Guide

I will give you some guidelines here but there are numerous differences in quilt sizes depending on the sewing pattern designer and of course your personal preference.

Sizing depends on the mattress you plan to cover with a quilt and the amount of drop or drape you are planning to have down the side of the bed. 

Draped or To the Floor?

A quilt can be just a coverlet or it can be draped to the floor of the bed.  There are options too,  just a quilt, a throw, or go for a full-on bedspread.  A bedspread is a quilt that will cover the entire bed from top to bottom and hang down the sides of the bed to the floor.

quilt sizesquilt sizesPinQuilt Sizes – Draped or to the floor

The other day I purchased a king-sized quilt cover for my bed even though it is a queen, simply because I wanted more overhang to hide some of the things I was storing under my bed.

For those of you that have a higher than normal mattress or bed height, you may also need to upsize your quilt sizes.


Sewing Quilt Sizes

When sewing your own quilt you need to measure the bed and add in extras for the drop at the sides and bottom and enough quilt length to cover the pillows too. 

Quilt Sizes Formula

WIDTH = Mattress Width + (Drop x 2)LENGTH = Mattress Length + End Drop + Fold Back

You may want the quilt to overhang right to the floor and to go under the pillow and come back over to tuck into the pillow.  All this extra quilting requires specific measuring.  Your quilt could be a bit of decoration at the foot of the bed or the masterpiece showing off the grand master bedroom. 

Suggested Quilt Sizes for Sewing

Here are some suggested quilt sizes for quilts that cover the mattress with a small amount of overhand. You will need to adjust these to your personal preference.

Crib 42 x 66″ 106.5×167.5cm
Small Single 50 x 90″ 127×228.5cm
Twin (Single) 65 x 90″ 165×228.5cm
Twin XL (Large Single) 65 x 108″ 165x274cm
Full (Double) 90 x 90″ 228.5×228.5cm
Full XL 90 x 108″ 228.5x274cm
Queen 90 x 108″ 2285x274cm
King 108 x 108″ 274x274cm
California King (Super King) 100 x 114″ 254×289.5cm

Suggested Quilt Sizes Table

Taking your own measurements for a babies quilt is also a good idea because cot sizes and cribs can differ more than adult mattresses.  The new baby even may be sleeping in a family heirloom handed down for generations and not complying to today’s cot or crib sizes. 

Quilt Sizes and Quilting Blocks

If you are making your own quilt you will need quilting blocks will fit into the size you require to fit your bed.  Alternatively, adjust the quilt sizes to fit a complete amount of blocks.

For example if you are making a queen sized quilt and your blocks are 4 inches square, change the width to 88 inches so you have 22 complete blocks across.

Quilt Sizes – In Conclusion

Quilts are versatile and comfortable and their sizes are either determined by the commercial sizes on the store-bought label or the size you choose to make to fit the bed and the style of your choice.  Dressing a bed with different quilt sizes can be as exciting as getting ready for a special occasion.  The quilt finishes off the dress style of your bed and it is a really beautiful way to complete your bedroom décor in style.

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